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[China Oil News] Associate Prof. HAO Yu: the proportion of coal consumption will continue to decline

  • Release date:2016-04-06 04:59:00

  Editor's note: In the the background of "Energy New Normal", during the"Thirteenth Five" period, to be more accurate, say, in 2019, Chinese coal consumption is likely to reach a peak, an important step in the transformation of China's energy. Beijing Institute of Technology Energy and Environmental Policy Research Center estimates: the proportion of coal consumption in 2017 could be reduced to around 62%, in 2020 is expected to drop to 58% to 60%, and by 2030, this figure is expected to decline to about 50%.
  Associate Professor Hao Yu said, "Energy new normal" will mainly display the total energy demand growth slowing down, the transformation of energy demand structure speeding up, energy efficiency improving significantly, regionalization of the energy consumption characteristics, obviouse plate phenomenon, the rapid growth of energy consumption economic and social environment changing gradually, and energy prices will be low for a long time.