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Pingqing Liu

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Pingqing Liu


Year of Birth

July 22, 1973


Organization and Human Resource Management

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School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing

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Brief Introduction: Pingqing Liu gained his Master of Biology in 2000, and then gained his Doctor of Management in 2003. From 2002 to 2004, he did research as a Post-Doctoral in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Since June in 2004, he has been a teacher in School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology. Now, he becomes a Management Professor and a Ph.D. Supervisor. At the same time, His administrative positions contain the Assistant Dean, Director of Department of Organization and Human Resource Management, Head of Industrial Development & Human Resource Development Research Center and Executive Director of Young Teachers Association in Beijing Institute of Technology.

Personal Career Mission: Happy to take root in Chinese context deeply and then become a management expert.

Courses: Prof. Liu teaches several courses, including  Organizational Systems Science for Ph.D. candidates, Employee Relations Management, Leadership and Project Human Resource Management for graduate students and MBA, MPA & MEM program students, Career Planning and Management for undergraduates. In his teaching process, Prof. Liu combines theoretics with practice in Chinese local context in order to make all students achievement and happiness.


Liu had worked for three years in enterprises after his graduation. Then he had gained M.S. & Ph.D. continuously since 1997, and had carried out research as a Post-Doctoral for two years after that. Since 2004, he has been a teacher in School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology.

And then, He had been a visiting scholar in Chinese University of Hongkong from July to August in 2006 and had been a visiting scholar in University of California, Berkeley from 2008 to 2009. From July in 2011 to March in 2012, he is a visiting scholar in Michigan State University.

Apart from teaching and research, Dr. Liu is willing to share happiness with others. He holds the seminar of "reading and thinking" every Friday evening. Dr. Liu is also human resource consultant of several companies and consultant of government. Dr. Liu is favor of badminton and participates in 3000-metre-distance running each year in school sports meeting. He often joins varieties of parties which are benefit for health and friendship.

Research Interests

1.    Employee Relations: His research focuses on constructing a partnership between employees and enterprise since new staff induction, and hope to surpass the traditional issue about dealing with post-conflict relations. Now his concern concentrates in groups of new employees, women employees and migrant workers.

2.    Career Management: To explore mechanism of career and lifelong management in three-dimensional interaction levels of self, organization and environment, his concern concentrates in employee socialization and organizational socialization in these days.

3.    Leadership and Project Human Resource Management: To give prominence to combination of human resource management and project management in science and engineering institutes, his concern concentrates in the emotional quotient, team communication, relationship management, closed-loop management and moral quotient of managers under the background of science and engineering.

4.    Industrial Development and Human Resource Development: To analyze interactional relations between industrial competition and human resource development on global value chains, including industrial policies in macro-level, development of small & medium-size enterprises in meso-level, and self-management in micro-level.

Selected Publications

1.    The Evolution of Family Businesses in China: 1978-2002, Shanxi Economic Press, 2003 & 2005.

2.    The Development of Entrepreneurial Enterprises in China: 1978-2008, Tsinghua University Press, 2009.

3.    Career and Self Management, Tsinghua University Press, 2011.

4.    How to Manage the Complicated Relationship in Workplace: Self-Management for Middle-Level Managers, China Development Press, 2011.

5.    Career Planning, Higher Education Press, 2011.

6.    Small & Medium-Size Enterprises Management (2nd Edition), Higher Education Press, 2011.

7.    Employee Relations Management, China Machine Press, 2012

8.    Leadership and Project Human Resource Management, Beijing Normal University Press, 2012

Dr. Liu has published more than 80 papers in major publications, such as <Journal of Management Engineering> <Chinese Rural Economy> <Economic Management Journal> <Social Sciences in China> <Shanghai Journal of Economics> <Science Research Management> <Science of Science and Management of Science & Technology> <Jiangsu Social Sciences> <Guangdong Social Sciences> <China Rural Survey> <Jianghan Tribune> <Hebei Academic Journal> <Economic Affairs>.

Main Research Grants

In recent years, Dr. Liu has gained three National Natural Science Foundation of China, including NSFC Youth Project (2005), NSFC General Projects (2008, 2011). In addition, Dr. Liu has also taken charge of Hubei Social Science Planning Fund Program (2002), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (2003), Excellent Young Teachers Fund Program in Beijing Institute of Technology (2005), Beijing Excellent Talents Training Foundation (2007), and more than 30 consulting programs obtaining from other ministries and commissions, local government and enterprises.

Prizes and Honors

Dr. Liu has gained 6 academic awards.


Head of Industrial Development and Human Resource Development Research Center, Beijing Institute of Technology

Executive Member of Labor Relations Branch, China Human Resource Development Association

Member of Teaching and Practice Branch, China Human Resource Development Association

Deputy Editor of <Report on China's Private Enterprises Development>

Deputy Editor of <China Industry Clustering>

Member of Editorial Board of <China Private Economy Yearbook>

Member of China Private Economy Association

Peer-Reviewed Expert of National Natural Science Foundation of China

Long-term HRM consultant in several enterprises

Consultant of Division of Small & Medium-Size Enterprises and Division of Planning, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of PRC