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Xin Lv

  • Release date:2016-07-08 06:49:00

Personal Data
NameLv Xin
Birth DateOctober 23, 1983
Acadamic PositionAssistance Professor
Interesting: Asset Pricing, Energy Finance, Carbon Finance
Address5 South Zhongguancun Street

2002.09-2006.06  Central University of Finance and Economics, B.A.
2006.09-2009.06  Central University of Finance and Economics, M.A.
2009.10-2013.03  Nagoya University, PhD.

Acadamic Positions
2013.04-2014.02  Nagoya University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
2014.03---  Lecturer, School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology

2010--  Member of Japanese Research Association for Chinese Economy
2012--  Referee of Emerging Market Finance and Trade (SSCI)


  1. Lv Xin, Dong Weijia*, Fang Fang<The Asymmetric Effects of Official Interest Rate Changes on China's Stock Market during Different Market Regimes>, Emerging Markets Finance and Trade (SSCI), 51(4), 826-841, 2015
  2. Chen Qian, Lv Xin*. <The Extreme-value Dependence between the Crude Oil Price and Chinese Stock Markets>. International Review of Economics and Finance (SSCI), 39, 121-132, 2015
  3. Lv Xin, Dong Weijia, Chen Qian. <Do Energy Prices always Affect EU Allowances? Evidence Following the Copenhagen Summit> Journal of Contemporary Management, 4(3), 13-24, 2015
  4. Lv Xin, Dong Weijia, Wu Jingyi <Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: Evidence from 5 Asian Countries>, Economic Science, 61(2),1-13, 2013
  5. Lv Xin, Dong Weijia, <Empirical Study on Financial Cooperation in Asia: Will China and Japan Hinder Financial Integration?> Economic Science, 63(1),9-16,2015
  6. Lv Xin* <Asymmetric Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks on Stock Markets: an Empirical Test for China>, Journal of Chinese Economic Studies, (9),1-22, 2012

* denotes corresponding author

Personal and Acadamic Awards
2009-2013 Nation-Building High Level Project Graduate Students Full Scholarship

Acadamic Conferences
[1] 2010 The 9th International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association, Japan, Topic: Foreign Securities Companies Entry Strategy in China
[2] 2011 The 10th International Conference of the Japan Economic Policy Association, Japan, Topic: Chinas Stock Markets Asymmetric Reactions to Short-term Interest Rate
[3] 2011 The 2011 Northeast Asia Management and Economics Joint Conference, Korea, Topic: The Relationship Between Variety of Energy Resources and Economic GrowthEvidence from Asian Countries
[4] 2012, JSPS Asian CORE Program, Nagoya University and VNU University of Economics and Business Vietnam, Topic: Analysis of Chinas Development Mechanism