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Fanchen Meng

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Fanchen Meng

Year of Birth
Applied Economics 
Phone No.
0086-10-68948033 (fax) 0086-10-68912483
School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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    Fanchen Meng is a Professor, Doctoral Advisor of SME of BIT. He has published over 30 papers in domestic and foreign authoritative journals, authored one books, and chief-edited 3 books, hosted five international conferences. Prof. Meng has been an Advisor for more than 50 graduates, Ph. D Master or Ph.D. graduates. He is the pillar of BIT Young Managerial Official. He serves as Visiting Professor of Bayreuth University, Sino-German Cultural Exchange Scholarship consultant of Sino-European Cultural Exchange Organization, editorial committee of Review of Managerial Science.
Interkulturelle Konflikte in deutsch-chinesischen Joint Ventures Lösungsstrategien (Cultural Shocks and Management on Sino-German Joint Venture), published by Cuvillier Press in 2003, listed as important reference on international politics by German diplomacy
China on the Way to Modernization,

Research Interests
Cross Culture Management,Internationalized Strategic and Multinational M&A, Multinational Operation,Corporate Culture,International Technology Innovation and Management, Industrial Economics
Selected Publications

Published Papers:
[1]The book Interk ulturelle Konflikte in deutsch-chinesischen Joint Ventures Lösungsstrategien The article Comparison on Sino-German Thinking Pattern has been reprinted in the German newspaper Polotik.
[2]Technology Innovation and Management – Theories and practices from Germany and China
[3]the Mechanism of the Impact Enterprise Culture Plays on New Product Development Technical Spillovers of the FDI on Chinese Automobile Industry from the Factor Productivity Perspective
[4]Comparison on the Trade-related Aspect of Intellectual Property protection
[5]An Analysis of Chinese Enterprises' Cross-Border M&A for core Competences
[6]Economic Globalization and Intercultural Competence

Research Projects Project in Process:
[1]Appraise and cultivation of Adolescents’ cross-cultural ability in international interaction under the Globalization background
[2]Study on regional economy cooperation and industry competency improvement in Yunnan Province
[3]International cross-cultural exchange teaching and research
[4]Study on the international alliance management pattern of “863”the electronic automobile to be significant specially
[5]Project management on R&D international alliance technology innovation and management
    Visiting Professor of Bayreuth University
Initial member of Euro-Asia Culture and Development Research Organization
Secretary of Chinese Alumni Union of Berlin Institute of Technology
Director of German and Austrian Branch of Euro-America Returned Scholars Organization
Committee of Young Commission of German and Austrian Branch of Euro-America Returned Scholars Organization
Consultant of China Consultancy Company