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Hongxia Wang

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Hongxia Wang

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Applied Economics

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School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, No.5 Zhongguancun South Avenue,

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Dr. Wang is an Associate Professor in SME of BIT.  She had been a visiting scholar to Georgetown University for one year from 2010-2011.


2010.07-2011.07, Visiting scholar, Georgetown University, USA

2007.07- Present, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Economics, SME, BIT

2003.07-2007.07, Lecturer, Department of Applied Economics, SME, BIT

2000.07-2003.07, Ph.D., Economics, University of International Business and Economics

1998.07-2000.07, M.A., Economics, DongBei University of Finance and Economics,

1991.07-1995.07, B.E., Mechanical Engineering, Shenyang Institute of Technology,

Research Interests

Money and Banking; International Finance; Investment Managemen

Selected Publications


[1] The Impact and FDI on China’s Economy and the Subprime Mortgage Crisis, Modern Business, March 2009

[2] Moderate Scale of China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves, Special Zone Economy, November 2007

[3] Analysis on Reasons of Risk in Unsecured Loan of Commercial Banks in China, Theory Monthly, March 2005

[4] China’s Commercial Banks Non-performing Asset Securitization Feasibility Analysis, Group Economy Research, March 2005

[5] “The Co-Integration Analysis of China’s Foreign Exchange Reserves”, Journal of Finance and Economic Issues Research, 2005

[6] International Comparative Study of Non-performing Asset Securitization, Business Time, No 172005

[7] The Empirical Analysis of Impact of International Balance of Payment on Foreign Exchange Reserves, Statistics and Decision, May 2005

[8] Analysis of American Company Stock Option and Its Reference Significance to China, Special Zone Economy, May 2005

[9] An International Comparison of SME Financing, Finance and Economic, April 2005

[10]Analysis of Financial Model of Infrastructure Securitization, Educational Economics and Management, April 2005  



[1] Hongxia Wang, The Moderate Scale and Structure Analysis of China Foreign Exchange Reserves, China Market Publishing House, October 2004

[2] Hongxia Wang (Coauthor), International Trade, University of Foreign Business and economics Press, November 2005 

Research Projects

2009: Beijing Institute of Technology General Research Fund, Beijing, China

2004: China National 211 Projects for “Monetary Cooperation and Selection of RMB Exchange Rate Regime”

Prizes and Honors