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Jing Li

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LI Jing

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Applied Economics

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School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, P.R. China

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LI Jing joined School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology in 2001. Her research interests include international trade policy and contingent protection, international trade settlement and documentation, and international business strategy, areas in which she regularly publishes. Some of her papers have appeared in International Economic Cooperation, Practice in Foreign Economic Relations and Trade, and China Economic & Trade Herald. She also published the book "International Trade Documentation" in 2005 and 2nd edition in 2008.


BA International Trade, Beijing Institute of Technology

MA Management Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology 

PhD Management Science & Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology



I have been teaching for more than 12 years in the subject of International Business, International Trade and International Economics and most lectures are conducted in English as I am appointed principal teaching staff in several international pilot program and international joint program.


Undergraduate Program: International Business Environment; International Economics

International Joint Postgraduate Program: International Trade (cooperation with London South Bank University from 2001-2009)

International MBA Program: Organizational Behavior (international joint program with Hawaii University, USA)  [The MBA and EMBA programs have recently been accredited by Association of MBA (AMBA)]

Lecturing languageEnglish


Research Interests

International Trade and International Business Practice:

·   WTO & China’s foreign trade policy

·   WTO & trade remedy law of members

·   China’s VAT-refund system for export products

·   International trade contract & settlement under UCP600 of ICC


2001~  : School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology;

January 2013~ April 2013: Visiting Academic in University of New South Wales, Australia

Research Interests

International Trade Theory, Policy and Practice, International Business Strategy

Selected Publications

Selected Publications-Papers 

1. LI Jing, AD-Circumvention-based Foreign Direct Investment and Countermeasures: an approach under WTO’s framework, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.10, 2007.

2. TANG Liang, LI Jing, The Intra-firm Trade of MNCs and its Effect on Antidumping Investigations, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.11, 2008.

3LI Jing, On the Trade Remedy Difficulties and Countermeasures of China’s Foreign Trade, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.10, 2009.

4. SUN Xue, LI Jing, Comparison on Identifying Methods of Industrial Injury between Europe and the U.S. and its Impacts on China’s Export, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.8, 2010.

5. LIU Qianqian, LI Jing, On the Empirical Analysis of Antidumping Investigations against China’s Export of Steel & Iron Products, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.9, 2011.

6. LI Jing, The Scientific Decision-making on the Choice of Payment Terms in International Trade, Foreign Economic Relations & Trade, no.2, 2005.

7. Li Jing, On the Time Management of International Trade Practice, China Economic&Trade Herald, no.4, 2005.

8. LI Jing, The Development of Direct Marketing in the E-commerce Era, proceedings of international conference on the International Business in the globalization era, by BIT and London South Bank University, 2001 (ISTP).

9. YUAN Fang, LI Jing, The FDI Shifting to the West of China: Status and Strategies, Foreign Investment in China, no.8, 2010.

10. LI Jing, The R&D Tendency of Multinational Corporations and Countermeasure, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.1,2004.

11. LI Jing, On the Globalization Tendency of MNC’s Technological Innovation & Organization Patterns, International Economic Cooperation Journal, no.5, 2005.

12. LI Jing, The Multi-Fiber Agreement and the Liberalization of Trade in Textile & Cloth, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Social Science Edition), no.4, 2004.


1LI Jing, Developing the Overseas Contracting Market: the Case of Company A, Case Study of Management in Chinese Enterprises, China Science Press, 2010.

2.  LI Jing, International Trade Documentation, by B.I.T Press, 2005

3LI Jing, International Trade Documentation (the 2nd edition under UCP600), by B.I.T Press, 2008

4LI Jing, International TradeTheories and practice, by B.I.T Press, 2e 2001, 3e 2005, 4e 2008, for chapter 13 International Trade Procedure


Research Projects

Participation of Academic Projects 

1.      On the FDI inflow effects of China’s antidumping investigations since her membership of WTO: a theoretical and empirical analysis [B.I.T. Science Foundation Grant]

2.      Antidumping policy of WTO members and systematic planning of industrial injury database [National Science Foundation of China]

3.      Research on the effects of antidumping investigation & policy [National Science Foundation of China]

4.      Research on the export trade effects of antidumping investigation and measures [National Social Science Foundation of China]

5.      On the International Organization Mode of Technological Innovation of MNCs  [National Science Foundation of China]

6.      A comparative analysis of Chinese and overseas science & technology project management [National 863 Project]

Prizes and Honors

1LI Jing, SME, BIT Award of Excellent Teaching in English, 2003

2LI JingBIT Award of Teaching in English, 2005

3. LI Jing, The CONSTIND Award of Science and Technology Progress, 2007

4.  LI Jing, SME, BIT Award of Honored Teaching Faculty, 2007

5.  LI Jing, SME, BIT Academic Award of Young Faculty, 2009

6LI JingSME, BIT Award of Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching, 2011

7LI JingSME, BIT Award of Outstanding MBA Teaching, 2012

8LI Jing, Students’ Union of BIT Nomination of ‘My Esteemed Teacher’, 2012