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Ming Ma

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Ming Ma
Associate Professor
Applied Economics
Phone No.
School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing
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1987-1991, B.S. in Applied Mathematics and B.E. in Engineering Economics, Tianjin University, founded in 1895.
1995-1998, Ph.D. in Economics (majored in International Finance), Nankai University, founded in 1914.
August 2005–September 2006, Visiting Scholar at three prestigious U.S. universities:
(1) Sponsored by the Dean, Professor Richard K. Lyons, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley for 11 months. his website:
(2) sponsored by the former President of American Finance Association, Professor George M. Constantinides, Graduate School of Business, University of Chicago, for 1 month, his website:
(3) Sponsored by Professor Richard Levich, Deputy Chair of the Department of Finance, Stern School of Business, New York University, for 1 month; his website:
For my research and detailed pictures with those professors please visit:  (might be blocked by the internet )
2002-2005, Senior Economist, CNOOC Finance Corp.
1998-2002 Director of Department of Policy Research, Director of Funds planning, Agricultural Bank of China (Beijing). I set up a trading desk for fixed incomes and directed a trading desk for foreign exchange.
1997-1998, Researcher at the Dept of Policy Research, The People’s Bank of China , (PBOC, the Central Bank of China), Monitoring Group of Asian Financial Crises.
1991-1995 Financial Analyst, Research Institute of Finance, The People’s Bank of China ,PBOC (Tianjin).
Research Interests
International Finance, Monetary Policy, Financial Institution Management, Financial Engineering
Selected Publications
“On Reform of Control Mechanism of Monetary Policy in China”,(English Paper) International Journal of Development Planning Literature, Vol. 16(3). Edited by professors from Stanford, Upenn, Yale, Columbia, Cambridge, World Bank.
 “The term structure of interest rates in China”, China Economic Quarterly, Vol. 1(3), ( Special Issue for the 1st Annual Meeting by China Economic Association (CEA). I presented at the annual conference for 25 minutes as the second post.
“The theory of optimal term structure of interest rates and its application in China”, Financial Studies,1991(5), The top finance journal in China.
“On the three-wave patterns of China’s monetary multipliers and their prediction formula”, Financial Studies, 1996(5).
The Financial System of Singapore, book, as the author of the two chapters “the Monetary authority of Singapore” and “the Monetary Policy of Singapore”, published by the China Finance Publishing House.1999.
Research Projects
National Science Foundation of China, Grant No. 70871012, Matrix analysis for foreign exchange arbitrage.
Joint project with China Academy of Telecommunications Research, Ministry of Industry and Information.
Science Foundation, “Foreign Exchange Derivatives Analysis”, Beijing Institute of Technology
Financial Engineering Software: Foreign Exchange Arbitrage Identification and Trading Assistive System, using Microsoft C++ and OpenGL, developed completely on my own.
Prizes and Honors
2009, Teaching Excellence Award at the Beijing Institute of Technology.
2008, Excellent Paper “Sino-US Interest Parity Analysis” for “Youth Forum for International Finance” sponsored by for the China International Finance Association. Awarded by Mr. Min ZHU, the Vice Governor of the Central Bank.
2005-2006, Visiting Scholarship by Chinese Scholarship Committee.
2000, Awarded the second prize jointly by the Central Bank of China and the China Finance Association for the national excellence finance paper “on the three-wave patterns of monetary multipliers in China and their prediction formulae”. Mr. Dai Xianglong, the Governor of the PBOC, awarded me a cash prize of RMB$10,000 and a medal in the Great Hall of the People (the National House of Representatives and the senate alike), on July 27th, 2000, Beijing.
1993, Awarded the third prize by the Tianjin Municipal Finance Association for the excellent finance paper “The theory of optimal term structure of interest rates and its applications in China”. 1993.
Member of the Judge Panel for Senior Economist, the Ministry of Industry and Information.
Special Representative for 4th Chinese Finance Association.
Experts for the Education Department, Agricultural Bank of China.