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Jinyang Cai

  • Release date:2012-09-20 03:52:00


 Jinyang Cai


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Applied Economics

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School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology

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 2008-2012. Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ph.D degree of management, majoring in development economics

2012-Now. College of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Development economics, Policies in Agricultural Biotechnology

Selected Publications

1. Ruifa Hu, Jinyang Cai, Jikun Huang, Xiaobing Wang. Silos hamstring Chinese plant biotech sector. Nature Biotechnology. 2012, 30(8):749-750. ( SCI)

2. Jikun Huang, Ruifa Hu, Jinyang Cai, Xiaobing Wang. A survey of human research capacity in Chinese agbiotech. Nature Biotechnology. (accepted, SCI).

3. Cai Jinyang, Hu Ruifa, Xiao Changkun, Wang Xiaobing. Impacts of technology training programs in farmer field schools on the adoption of environment-friendly technology: empirical evidences from the tomato production in Beijing. Scientia Agricultura sinica. 2012.45(5):1023-1030

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