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Xianbai Li

  • Release date:2012-01-12 04:24:00

Personal Data

Name:Xianbai Li


Acadamic Position:Associate Professor

Degree:Master’s Degree in Economics

Research Fields:Industrial Organization, Consumer Behavior , Credit Risk and Business Decisions.

Teaching:Econometrics, Microeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics,  Managerial Economics


Address:School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing



2003.8-2004.8 University of California at Berkeley, Visiting Scholar

1987.9-1990.6 Department of Economics, Zhejiang University, Master’s Degree in Economics

1983.9-1987.7 Department of Management Engineering, Wuhan University of Technology, Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering


Acadamic Positions

1990.6-1993.7 School of Management and Economics, BIT, assistant professor

1993.7-2000.7 School of Management and Economics, BIT, lecturer

2000.7-present School of Management and Economics, BIT, associate professor


Publications-Papers,Book Chapters, Journal Articles, Conference Articles (for the last five years)

[1] Yang Nina, Zeng Chunyuan, Li Xianbai, Wang Jin, Liu Qingqing. The effectiveness evaluation of the regional science and technology resource allocation in China. Science Technology and Industry. Vol.15 No.1 (January 2015)

[2] Xianbai Li. Variances and Variance Estimators of OLS Estimators of A Linear Regression Model with Autocorrelated Errors, Mathematical Statistics and Management, Vol.28, Suppl 1, (July 2009), 32-39

[3] Xianbai Li. The Cobb-Douglas Production Function, Costs, Factor Quantity Employed and Parametric Estimation: A Firm Level Perspective,Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology , Vol.10 No.6 (December 2008), 70-76,

[4] Xianbai Li. The Welfare Variations of Quasi-linear Utility, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, Vol.3 No.4 (April 2001), 42-46

[5] Xianbai Li. Comparative Study of Corporate Governance, Journal of Wuhan Automobile Polytechnic University, Vol. 22, No.5, (May 2000), 114-117

[6] Xianbai Li, Haiying Li. Substitution Effects and Income Effects of Quasi-linear Utility. Journal of Wuhan Transportation University, Vol.24, No.4 (April 2000), 388-392

[7] Xianbai Li. An Equilibrium of Monopolistic Competition---From The Short Run To The Long Run, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, Vol.2 No.2 (February 2000), 72-75


 Publications-Books (for the last five years)

1.   We Were Burning: Japanese Entrepreneurs and the Forging of the Electronic Age, Huaxia Publishing House, 2004

2. Strategic Planning, Huaxia Publishing House, 2001


Acadamic Conferences and other International and Domestic Professional Conferences (for the last five years)

[1] 2006 International Conference on Econometrics, Shanghai China, July14, 2006.  Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai, China.

[2] The 14th International Conference on Cross Sectional Data Econometrics, July 16-July 18, 2007. Xiamen University, Xiamen, China

[3] 2009 International Conference on Statistics and Management Science, July 18-July19, 2009. Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Shanghai, China