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Baolong Ma

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Baolong Ma

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School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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06/200706/2008: Mississippi State University (MS, USA): Visiting Scholar in Marketing  

09/2005072008: Beijing Institute of Technology (Beijing, China): Doctor of Philosophy in Management Science and Engineering

09/200105/2004: Xian Technological University (Xian, ShanXi, China): B.A. in Business Administration

09/199707/2001: JiLin University (Changchun, Jilin, China): Master of Business Administration


09/2010: Associate professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, Beijing Institute of Technology , China.

04/201008/2010: Assistant professor of Marketing, Department of Marketing, Beijing Institute of Technology , China.

06/200804/2010: Post-Doctoral of Marketing, Tsinghua University, China.

Research Interests

Brand management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service Science and Management

Selected Publications

1. Baolong Ma, Lin Zhang, Fei Li,Gao Wang.Effect of Product Harm Crisis on Brand Performance, International Journal of Market Research(SSCI ), 2010, 52(4.

2. Baolong Ma,, Fei Li, Gao Wang, Chunqing Li. Stochastic RFM Model and Its Implication in Customer Value Analysis, Journal of Management Engineering. 2011(1).

3. Ma, Baolong, Lin Zhang, Ying Sun, The Impact of Product Crisis on Customer Purchase Patterns, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2010,19.

4. Baolong Ma,, Fei Li, Gao Wang. Impacts of PHC on Brand Performance index-Based on Stochastic Model, Forecasting, 2010(4).

5. Baolong Ma,, Fei Li, Jinlin Li. Effects of Customer Loyalty Programs on Customer Choice Behavior in Relationship Marketing. Chinese Journal of Management Science. 2009,5.

6. Baolong Ma,, Gao Wang, Jinlin Li and Chunqing Li. Effects of Marketing Efforts on Customer Behavior in Relationship Marketing. Nankai Business Review, 2009,9(2).

7. Baolong Ma,, Jinlin Li and Chunqing Li. "The Strategic Value of Reward Programs for Enterprise. Marketing Innovation——an Empirical Study Based on Retailing”. China Soft Science.2007, 6.

8. Baolong Ma,, Jinlin Li, Chunqing Li and Gao Wang. "Value Perception of Reward Programs and Its Effects on Program Loyalty and Brand Loyalty" Nankai Business Review, 2006,9(5).

9. Baolong Ma,, Jinlin Li, Chunqing Li and Gao Wang. Effect of Reward Programs on Repeat-purchase Behavi or patterns. Application of Statistics and Management. 2007, 26 (3).

10. Baolong Ma, Fei Li, and Chunqing Li. A Study on Customer Share Development Behavior in Relationship Marketing Paradigm. , Business Economics and Administration, 2010,220(2).

11. Baolong Ma, and Jinlin Li. "The Mechanism of Customer Reward Programs based on Commitment and Ttrust in The Relationship Marketing", Business Economics and Administration, 2006,182(12).

12. Baolong Ma, Lun Ran, Jinlin LI. Research on the Decision-Marketing Approach in Technological Innovation Investment, Mathematics in Practice and Theory, 2010,40(7).

13. Baolong Ma, Fei Li, Gao Wang, Lun Ran. Targeting Valuable Customers within a Retail Reward Program Database by RFMG Model, Proceedings of The 3rd International Conference on Management and Service Science (MASS 2009), Beijing, P.R.China, September. 20-22, 2009.

14.Baolong Ma, Yi Wang, Fei Li. A Risk Evaluation Method for Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Technological Initiatives, Proceedings of 2009 International Conference on Information Management, Innovation Management and Industrial Engineering (ICIII2009), Xian, P.R.China, December, 26-27, 2009.

Research Projects

1Baolong Ma,  The Mechanism of Customer Reward Programs——Understanding from Customer Benefits to Firm Benefits, Natural Science Foundation of China 71002102, from 2011-2013.

2. Baolong Ma, Effects Customer Relationship Management Strategies on Customers Behavior, Ministry of education in Humanities and Social Science Research fund09YJC630136, from 2010-2012.

3. Baolong Ma, The Effects of Customer Benefits on Firm Benefits in Reward Programs, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation(20090450362), from 2009-2010.



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