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Chunyuan Zeng

  • Release date:2011-08-05 05:39:00

Personal Information:

Name: Zeng Chunyuan   

Gender: Female     

Birth Date: November 1972

Education: Graduate     

Degree: Doctor

Academic Position: Associate professor

Department of Technology Economy and Management, School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology


Address :School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing

Zip Code:100081

Tel:  86-10-68918280(O)

Fax:  86-10-68912483

Mobile: 86-13691189778



Research Interests:

Technical Innovation、Regional economies、Consumer market, National Economic Management.



September 1990 – July 1994  Department of National Economy Management, Sichuan University: Bachelor’s degree in Economics

September 1994 – July 1997  Department of National Economy Management, Sichuan University: Master’s degree in Macroeconomic Analysis and Control

September 1997 – July 2000  Department of National Economics Management, Renmin University of China: PHD in National Economy

July 2000 – July 2002  School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Assistant Professor

July 2002 – Present  Department of Technology Economy and Management, School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Associate Professor

March 2013 – March 2014  Visiting Scholar at Pennsylvania State University


Host and mainly involved Projects

[1] January, 2013- December, 2015 Research of the Universitiy R&D Effects on the Innovation Performance of the National High-tech Zones Based on Knowledge Spillovers, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 71203010

[2] January, 2011- December, 2013  Research on Knowledge Spillovers and Innovation Performance that Universities’ R&D Activities Bring to the Innovation Performance of Region - Based on Empirical research on 56 national High-tech Regions, ministry of education of China' Humanities and Social Sciences Fund, 10YJC790010

[3] January, 2013- December, 2013, "micro economics" course construction and teaching reform- Adapting to Large scale training model on business management. Beijing Institute of Technology

[4] January, 2011- December, 2012, Research on Impact of University R&D’s Knowledge Spillovers on Zhongguancun Park’s Innovation Performance. 2010142015



Host The Research on Consumption Condition and Attitude of the Financially Strapped University Students In Beijing, Beijing Education Commission.


As the project designer,main researcher and final author of Sichuan province project “The cultivation and management of the technology market in Sichuan Province”, 1995-1997.


Major player of the " National Defense Science and Technology industrial system and mechanism reform" project of China Policy Research Office, 2006.3-2008.5.


Major Player of China's industrial and economic growth influencing factors and suggestions. The key issues of the Economic Census Office of the State Council,2010.2-2010.9.


Major player of BIT  Postgraduate Course building and reform projects: Core Course “Microeconomics”,2010.10-2011.7.


Involved in China's industrial productivity growth factors: the Measurement, decomposition and evaluation,Zeng Chunyuan,2009LY035,the 2009 annual national Statistical Research projects.


Involved in "The index system of national economy mobilization “project jointly organized by the National Economy Mobilization Office, 1998.6—10.


Involved in The second topic of the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission "Beijing Economic Research Report::”In the process of the establishment of an international metropolis, what kind of export-oriented economy should Beijing develop? ”, 1998.9--12.


involved in the State Board of Education Humanities and social science projects "Implementation Mechanism of the balance relationship between total social supply and total demand under the socialist market economy", 1998.10—12


Involved in the National Natural Science Fund based on the health and safety management research of social regulation SMEs(70503003)(2006-2008)



Published papers (* denotes core journal)

[1] ZENG Chunyuan, FAN Qiwei, SHAN Pengfei, CAO Aihong, Theoretical and Empirical Research on Time Lag of R&D Based on Knowledge Spillovers- A Case of Beijing. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology(Socail Sciences Edition), April, 2014. pp47-52.

[2] ZENG Chunyuan, LIU Qingqing, Wang Jin, Yang Nina, Coordination between sci – Tech input and Level of Regional Economic Development, Science Research Management, December, 2013, pp203-210.

[3] ZENG Chunyuan, FAN Qiwei, WANG Jin, YANG Nina, Research on the effect of University R&D on the innovation performance of Z-Park, Reform of Economic Sustem, December, 2013. pp107-111.

[4] ZENG Chunyuan, SHAN Pengfei, Review of Time-Lage in Knowledge Spillovers.Science and Technology Manegement Research, June,2013. pp175-179.

[5] FAN Qiwei, ZENG Chunyuan, MI Yi, YANG Nina, Industry identification strategy – A Case Study of Yutong Bus Company, China Business&Trade, April, 2013, pp87-89.

[6] ZENG Chunyuan, PAN Yunhai, A Survey of Knowledge Spillovers Models, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology(Socail Sciences Edition), January, 2012. pp20-26.


ZENG Chunyuan, LI Jian and, WANG Xiaoliang, Highlighting the applicability, To Improve the economics literacy of Management Graduate, On the Teaching Reform of Graduate Microeconomics Courses, Degree and Graduate Education, January, 2012.pp44-47.


ZENG Chunyuan, FAN Qiwei, PAN Yunhai. Empirical Analysis of University R&D Knowledge Spillovers and the Time Lag of the Innovation Performance of Zhongguancun Science Park. The International Conference Management and Information Engineering (ICMAIE2012). 1193-1196.


WANG Xiaoliang, ZENG Chunyuan, Li Jian, The Application of Multimedia in Economics Courses,  China University Teaching, March, 2011. pp72-74.


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Zeng Chunyuan, “Increase Farmer’s Income and Boost Consumption”, Journal of the Party and Government Cadres, No.8, 1999


Zeng Chunyuan, “How to Maintain the Competitive Edge of State-owned Enterprise”, Modern Audit, No.3, 1995.





Teaching material monographs


1. Write chapter 9, the market competition strategy, of the Marketing theory and practice, organized by the Sichuan University, published by Sichuan university press in March, 1996, the editor is Zuo Renshu; (16,000 words).


2. Write chapter 3,"When China realizes well-off life level? --- China consumer trend", of the anatomy of the Chinese economy, and the editor is Liu Chengrui, the professor of Renmin University of China, published by China economy press in October 1999; (25,000 words).


3. Write the enterprise legal person code of conduct encyclopedia Britannica, the third one: the market main body of legal regulations, about 35000 words, published by China economy press in May 997, and the editor is Han Tianyu.


4. Write the microscopic economics ", 65.000 words, and the editor is Li Jian, published by Mechanical industry press in August 2003.


5. Involved in the translation of "core customer relationship management" (Liu RuiGong, etc.). Zeng Chunyuan. Publishing house of electronics industry. In August 2002


6. “The microeconomics, intermediate application course “deputy editor, Beijing institute of technology press, published in November, 2009.

LI Jian, ZENG Chunyuan, Microeconomics: An Intermediate Application Course, Beijing Institute of Technology Press, November, 2009.