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Rong Pei

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Dr.Rong Pei
 Year of
6 February 1962
 Phone No.
0086-10-68918337(O), 008610-68912483(Fax)
School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing, People's Republic of China
Zip Code
100081, P.R.China
   1996-1999: Studied in the Department of Sociology, Renmin University of China, and awarded a PhD of law. 
  1992-1994: Studied in the Department of Philosophy of Sun Yat-sen University, and awarded a master's degree of philosophy;
   1979-1983; Studied in China University of Petroleum, received a bachelor's degree of philosophy.
1992-1993:Courses studied in the Economy Department of LinNan school of Sun Yat-sen University;
1983-1984: Studied in the Department of Philosophy of Huazhong university of science and technology.
Teaching and course directions:
Postgraduate Level
  Course Leader: Management communication, EMBA/MBA/MPA/ Master's graduate /Master of Engineering(1999-2009)
  Course Leader: Marketing survey and forecast, Master's graduate(1999-2004)
  Course Leader: Marketing research practice, Master's graduate,(2004-2006)
  Course Leader: Management communication, Master's graduate (2004-2009)
Undergraduate Level
  Course Leader: Modern marketing theme, (2004-2006)
  Course Leader: brand management(2004-2009)
  Course Leader: Overview of sociology(1999-2002)
  Part-time Lecturer: "Effective communication skills","Corporate culture and strategic thinking," "Leadership", " career orientation", and so on
1993-1996: Worked in health care products companies, advertising agencies, security monitoring technology companies, foreign trade companies and other enterprises as  senior management personnel. During this term, she has served as public relations manager, planning director of public relations, marketing manager, assistant general manager, Vice President and so on.
1995: Served as assistant of the director of organization committee in the Women's Products Exhibition, the Fourth World Women Conference.
Consulting and Training
In recent years, she engaged in internal management and marketing management, she provides specialized management consulting for China Telecom, China Netcom, China's power, the National Grid Training Center, Beijing City Management Committee training center in Suzhou Golden Dragon,  and provides specialized management consulting for many other SMEs.
Peer esteem:
Jan. 2010: Conference Chair, IFERA 2010 Family Business Forum in China,
Zhuhai, China;
Jan. 2009: Conference Chair, entrepreneurship and be Sustainability of Family Business;
Aug.2005-2007: Keynote, Communication management MBA Course Forum.Part-time Lecturer: "Effective communication skills","Corporate culture and strategic
Research Interests
1.Business development and strategic management: Organizational Communication, organizational behavior, Enterprise Culture, Brand Management;
2.Entrepreneurship and Management innovation: family business and SMEs research.;
3.Chinese & Social psychology: Behavior of the doctrine of the mean, and Social Network.
Selected Publications
Rong Pei, marketing textbook, Democracy and Building Press , 2001.
Rong Pei, China’s social and psychological analysis, the Liaoning People's Publishing House,2005.1.
Rong Pei, social psychology, Published by the Chinese Renmin University Press, 2006.4
Rong Pei, Communication: Safety valve of organization heath, Chinese and foreign management, 2005.7
Chengjian Lin, Pei Rong, brand of competitive advantage, Science & Technology Information, 2007,13
Rong Pei, cross-cultural communication in the cultural phenomenon of drift, the Seventh National MBA "management communication," the theme of academic research report, 2006
Rong Pei, On the internal communication network, the 5th National MBA "management communication," the theme of academic research report, 2004.8
Rong Pei, organizational communication and related issues of performance, the fourth of the MBA "management communication," the theme of academic research report, 2003
Rong Pei, Building Customer Loyalty in Retailing E-Commerce, ICEB, 2002.5
Rong Pei, “Duality of the relationship marketing ", Chinese and foreign management, 2000.7
Rong Pei, From Social Network to Network Social - On E-Communication channel, China's
information management school year, 2001.1
Rong Pei, Dawu Mode:"the overall succession" [J], Sino Foreign Management, 2009. 3
Rong, Pei, Dawu Mode: the Interests between the company and the Family [J], PKU Business Review, 2009, 5.
Rong Pei, How can both Family and Business be Sustainability of Family Business? [J], PKU Business Review, 2009, 5.
Yong Wang, Rong Pei and Yanhong Liu, the Development of Family Business in the Chinese Economy: Shaping Government Policy? [C], 9th Annual World Family Business Research Conference, 2009, 6.
Yanhong Liu, Rong Pei, The Characteristics of Chinese family enterprises in the process of professional, 4th International Symposium on Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise, 2008, 10.
Research Projects
  The State Social Science Fund projects, "China's urban unemployment social sustainability study";
  The State Ministry of Science and Technology key projects, "the Chinese science and technology human resources";
  The State Department of Education project ,"major public events psychology and social behavior monitoring system",;
  Beijing Institute of Technology fund projects ,"based on the social emergency SARS crisis management mechanisms and related issues";
  The National Natural Science Foundation project, "enhance China's scientific innovation capability of the human resources strategy";
 The National Natural Science Foundation project ,"The enterprise management and culture Background”.
Member of the International Family Enterprise Research Academy;
Member of the Chinese social psychology;
Member of Beijing social psychology;
Director of the Chinese Private Enterprise Research Institute;
Vice President of Beijing Public civilization doctor Volunteers Association;
Vice President of Beijing Public civilized female professors Volunteers Association.