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Xiangrong Du

  • Release date:2011-08-05 05:39:00

Xiangrong Du
Associate Professor

Year of Birth
Business Administration
Phone No.
School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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After received master degree of business administration in Beijing Institute of Technology, I have taught several courses in School of Management and Economics, Department of Marketing, such as “Analysis of Market research”, “Marketing”, “Sales Management”, “Service Marketing” etc.
1992.07.01——1995.04.30  Baishite Tech Company(Beijing)
1995.05.01—— Dated      School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology
Research Interests
1. Market Research: including the research on the habits and attitudes of consumers, research on product development, research on advertising, research on customer satisfaction, research on sales promotion, research on pricing and research on business circle.
2. Marketing Planning Research: including the research on how enterprises choosing target markets, marketing positioning and research on marketing strategy.   
3. Service Marketing Planning Research: Proposing on the service marketing strategy, which is based on the features of service markets of financing, travelling, catering and automobiles.
Selected Publications
Textbooks: including 《Theory and Practice of Service Marketing》, 《Sales Management》.
Papers: including 《Problems and Advices on Sale Management of Domestic Cars》, 《Meaning and Countermeasures of IRM Development》,《The Imperative of Management of Core Customer Relationship》, 《Competitive Information Systems is in the ascendant》,《Launching of Brand Marketing and Establishing of Banks Branding》, 《Regional management of vehicle sales》, 《Enterprises in Japan--Prepared for danger in times of safety》, 《Business Process Reengineering—The necessary way of banks》.
Research Projects
1. Research on marketing strategy of Hengfeng Group in Nei Monggol.
2. Feasibility analysis of industrialization of solvent cellulose fiber
3. Research on risk management of technical innovation.
4. Research on the marketing planning of Shenwu Company in Beijing
5. Research on the marketing planning of Jiangnan Electrombiles.