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Shuilong Wu

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Shuilong Wu


Year of Birth




Phone No.

0086-10-6891 8132



School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China

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2011  Post-doctoral Program Tsinghua University
2009  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Management
          Sun Yat-Sen University
2004  Master of Business Administration
          Northwestern Polytechnical Universty


 2011.10-   School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology
2004.09-2011.10 School of Management and Economics, Nanchang Hangkong University

Research Interests

Brand management, marketing strategy, consumer behavior

Selected Publications

[1]       Shuilong Wu, Taihong Lu, Zuohao Hu, An Empirical Study on the Effects of Corporate Brand on Product EvaluationsThe Moderating Role of Consumer-Company Identification, Journal of Marketing Science, 2010Vol.6 No.3Oct.):92-107.
[2]       WU Shui-longHU Zuo-haoYU Chun-lingZHONG LiangAn Empirical Study on the Effect of Perceived Brand Globalness on Consumer’s Brand Choice The Moderating Roles Journal of Business Economics, 201212):52-60.
[3]       Shuilong WuTaihuong LuWen Su, Study on Naming Characteristics of Chinese Historical Brand Name-- Analysis Based on the Chinese Historical Brand List Selected by the Ministry of BusinessChinese Journal of Management, 2010, Vol.712):1799-1804.
[4]       Shuilong Wu, Taihong Lu, The Empirical Study about Effects of Corporate Brand and Product Brand on Purchase Intent, Chinese Journal of Management, 200901):112-117.
[5]       Shuilong Wu, Studies on Effects of Corporate Brand on Product Evaluation, Foreign Economics & Management, 200912):45-50.
[6]       Shuilong Wu, Taihong Lu, Lianxiong Jiang, Review on Corporate Brand, Foreign Economics & Management, 200903):30-37.
[7]       Shuilong Wu, Changlin Liu, Taihong Lu, The Impact of Brand Experience on Brand LoyaltyThe Mediating Role of Brand CommunityJournal of Business Economics, 200907):80-90.
[8]       Shuilong Wu, Taihong Lu, Milestones of branding practicesA study based on branding cases, East China Economic Management, 201006):134-139.
[9]       Shuilong Wu, Taihong Lu, Research on HID’s Investment Climate Evaluation Based on Critical Fact AnalysisScience & Technology Progress and Policy, 200902):38-41.
[10]    Taihong Lu, Shuilong Wu, Huihuang Zhu, Yun He, Researches on Brand Theories,  Foreign Economics & Management, 200901):32-42.
[11]    Wu ShuilongHu ZuohaoGuan ShuqiThe Essence of Standardized Marketing[A]. The 5th International Conference on Cooperation and Promotion of Information Resources in Science and Technology[100], Beijing, P.R. China, November. 691-695, 2010ISTP

Research Projects

[1]        Shuilong Wu,  Study on Causal Mechanism and Working Boundary of Corporate Brand on Product Evaluationthe Consumer-Company Identification's Perspective, Natural Science Foundation of China  71002015, from 2011-2013.
[2]       Shuilong Wu, Study on Place BrandingMechanism, Model and Pathway, Ministry of education in Humanities and Social Science Research fund08JC630037),from 2009-2011.
[3]       Shuilong Wu, Study on working mechanism and competing strategy of Chinese brandsChina Postdoctoral Science Special Foundation (201104090), from 2010-2011.
[4]       Shuilong Wu, Study on Strategy of Creating Place Branding Theoretical Framework and Empirical Analysis, China Postdoctoral Science Foundation (20100480263), from 2010-2011.

Prizes and Honors