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Xin Li

  • Release date:2011-08-04 08:50:00

Personal Data                                 

NameLi Xin                            


Acadamic PositionAssistant Professor


Research Fields: Accounting Theory

Courses: Tax Theory and Practice ,  Fundamentals of Accounting

Address402 Main Building, Beijing Institute of Technology



1991-1995: Changchun University: B.A. of Accounting.

1998-2001: Changchun Taxation College: Master of Accounting


Acadamic Positions

2001-: Assistant Professor of Accounting,Department of Accounting,                                  School of management and economics, Beijing Institute of Technology,

1995—2001: Assistant Lecture, Dpartment of Economics and Trade,                                  Changchun University



 [1]An Examination Of Personal Values And Value Systems Of Chinese And U.S. Business StudentsDr. Don E. Giacomino, Xin Li, M.A., PhD CandidateMichael D. Akers, American Journal Of Business Education – January/February 2013       Volume 6, Number 1  P119-P128

[2]Proposed Financial Statement Changes By The FASB-IASB: Reactions From Chinese Accounting MajorsDon E. Giacomino, Ph.D., Marquette University, USAXin Li, M.A., Ph.D. Candidate, Beijing Institute of Technology, P.R. ChinaMichael D. Akers, Ph.D., Marquette University, USAReview of Business Information Systems Second Quarter 2013Volume 17, Number 2P71-P84

[3]. LI Xin HUO Mingqing and SU Yan, Game theoretic analysis on governing “Mouse Stackhouse” , Friends of Accountants, no.8, 2010

[4]. LI Xin  XIA Enjun and YANG ying, The Impact of Ownership Structure on Financial Risk of Chinese listed companies2010 International Conference on Risk and Reliability Managementno.10, 2010


Publications-Books (for the last five years)

[1]. WEI Suyan SUN Liyan ZHANG Xiumei and LI Xin, Financial Accounting, by China Machine Press, 2007

[2]. MAO Xialuan and LI Xin , Tax planning by China Machine Press, 2009

[3]. PENG Hongbin and LI Xin, Chinese Public Finance by Northwest Normal University, 2009


Acadamic Conferences

2010 International Conference on Risk and Reliability Management; 2010 10; BIT International Education and Exchange Center; School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology & School of Engineering and Applied Science, The George Washington University; Systems Engineering Society of BeijingThe Reliability Branch of OR Society of China; The Impact of Ownership Structure on Financial Risk of Chinese listed companies