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Xun Luo

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Xun Luo


Department of Accounting

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School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

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In January, 1982, graduated from northeastern university in thermal energy engineering, received his bachelor degree;
In March 1989, graduated from Beijing university of science and management engineering, with a master's degree in engineering;
In August, 2008, graduated from Beijing university of science and technology and my major is management science and engineering, a PhD degree in management.

Professional Experience

1975.8-1978.1 Hu Meng goose farm (educated youth)
1982.2-1986.8 An hui rough rolling mill of steel (management)
1989.4-1993.8 Beijing institute of technology (the principal's office (administration)
1993.9-1993.9 Beijing institute of technology school of economics and management (teachers)
Technical titles:
In July 1996 promoted to associate professor
In July 2001, promoted to professor


Lecture courses:

Undergraduate level: management accounting (professional accounting)

Graduate levels: cost and management accounting research, technical and economic evaluation theory and method

MBA levels: financial management, technology economy, project management

Engineering master degree level: project management, project finance and risk management, project management practice



Technical and economic evaluation theory and method, technology and investment and financing decision-making method, project finance and risk management, enterprise value assessment, comprehensive budget and performance evaluation, project management theory and method

Selected Publications

1, teaching material:
chief editor:

(1) Project management-the managerial process, second editionpublished by China mechanical press, 2010;

(2) Project management, published by China mechanical press, 2008;
(3) Project management, published by Beijing institute of technology press, 2006;
(4) Managerial accounting, published by China mechanical press, 2005;
(5) Project management-the managerial process, published China mechancial press, 2003;

The main translation:

"Accounting tutorials and case" Beijing university press (Hong Kong) co., LTD., 2002;
Participated in:
(1) the engineering economic analysis of xi 'an jiaotong university press, 2003;
(2) the financial management case mechanical industry press, 1997;
(3) enterprise financial management, Beijing university of technology press, 1996.
2, published a paper:
Xun Luo
RuiE Liu. Beijing science and technology association analysis of input and output of science and technology. Science and management science and technology, 2008 (3) : 100-103
Cuifeng Zhang,Xun Luo. Listed war industry enterprise in China based on DEA input-output analysis. Management science, and science and technology, 2008 (12) : 30 to 33.
Zhengkai Shi,Xun Luo. The domestic insurance companies in China based on DEA efficiency evaluation of the Chinese market, 2008 (8) : 42-43.
Xun Luo,Du cong.Markov chain in the enterprise bad prediction. The application of mathematical statistics and management, 2007 (26) : 200-205.
Xun Luo, Chanjun Lu.Based on DEA, Lu Chanjun. Beijing input-output efficiency evaluation of scientific research institutions. The conversion of the productivity studies, 2007 (9):75-76
Xun Luo, RuiE Liu. Research of convertible bond pricing model. China, 2007 (8):58-59
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Yongde Li,Xun Luo.Project investment risk analysis of Monte - Carlo simulation method. The management of science and technology, 2007 (01) : 143-146
Xun Luo,Lu Chanjun. FDI industry constitutes a grey relational analysis and GDP in China. Science and technology management, 2007 (01):196-198
Jiang Jintao,Xun Luo,He peiren. Enterprise technology innovation capability evaluation based on entropy weight method. Science and technology management, 2007 (01):231-235
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Xun Luo, Liang Mingjie. Application of project portfolio management resource allocation method. The project management technology, 2006 (2):36 to 40.
Xun Luo,HongxiaMa.TheGray Relevancy Research on New Products Output and Science & Technology Resources Input in State
owned Industrial Enterprises. Journal of Systems Science and Information,2006(1):13-17.
Xun Luo, Zou Ling. New product output of large and medium-sized enterprises with science and technology into grey relational analysis. Journal of Beijing institute of technology (social science edition), 2006 (1):44-48.
Xun Luo, Chen Xin. Schedule management in the application of the soft science research project. The project management technology, 2005 (12):29-32.
Xun Luo, Yin Lili. Analysis of enterprise financial crisis early warning method. Technical economy, 2005 (7):62-65.
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Xun Luo, Sun Junfang. Dupont system application in the evaluation of enterprise financial condition. Journal of Beijing institute of technology (social science edition), 2004 (5):73-75.
Xun Luo,Xixian Ou. Analysis of infrastructure project finance way. Journal of Beijing institute of technology (social science edition), 2004 (2):9-12

Recent Funds

Xun Luo hosting the “national excellent courses teaching platform construction of project management”(2010) achieve funding support of the ministry of education,the fruit of relevant research results through the website platform have serviced in professional teaching and learning of students.

Academic Affiliation and Membership

China Project Management Research Committee