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Ningyue Liu

  • Release date:2013-05-31 04:57:00


Ningyue Liu




Phone No.

010-6891 8492



School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

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2011.09 – 2012.01 University of Oxford Visiting Study Fellow
2008.09 – 2012.12 Michael Smurfit Business School, University College Dublin Ph.D. in Finance
2005.09 – 2010.07 School of Business, Renmin University of China Ph.D. in Management
2001.09 – 2005.07 School of Business, Renmin University of China Bachelor in Management

Professional Experience

2013.05 – present School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology Lecturer 


Corporate Finance 


Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors

Selected Publications

Selected Publications Peer-Reviewed Journal:
[1] Liu, N., Bredin, D., Wang, L. and Yi, Z. 2014. Domestic and Foreign Institutional Investors’ Behavior in China, European Journal of Finance, Forthcoming (SSCI);
[2] Liu, N., Wang, L. and Zhang, M. 2013. Corporate Ownership, Political Connections and M&A: Empirical Evidence from China, Asian Economic Papers, Vol 12, No.3, 41-57 (SSCI);
[3] Liu, N., Wang, L., Zhang, M. and Zhang, W. 2012. Government Intervention and Executive Compensation Contracts of State-owned Enterprises: Empirical Evidence from China, Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies, Vol 10, No.4, 391-411;
[4] Chen, S., Zhang, Y., Liu, N. and Gao, W. 2013. Cloud Computing, Accounting Informationization Transformation and Corporate Governance, Accounting Research, No.7, 94-96 (In Chinese);
[5] Wang, L. and Liu, N. 2011. Causes of Sovereign Debt Crises of Ireland and the Implications for China, Intertrade (Official Journal of Ministry of Commerce, P.R. China), No.2, 56-61 (In Chinese);
[6] Yi, Z. and Liu, N. 2008. Current Status and Future Prospect of Corporate Finance Research in China: Based on Literature Analysis, Journal of Renmin University of China, No.4, 111-118 (In Chinese).
Book Chapters:
[1] Wang, L., Liu, N. and Wang, S. 2013. “Growth and Challenges in the Development of Institutional Investors in China” In: Cumming, D., Guariglia, A., Hou, W. and Lee, E. (eds). Developing China's Capital Market: Experiences and Challenges. Palgrave Macmillan, pp.97-127;
[2] Bredin, D. and Liu, N. 2011. “Domestic and Foreign Institutional Investor Behavior in China: Financial Characteristics and Corporate Governance” In: Boubakri, N. and J. Cosset (eds). Institutional Investors in Global Capital Markets, Volume 12 of International Finance Review. Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.113-143.

Recent Funds

Principle investigator, Basic Research Fund of Beijing Institute of Technology, No. 20132142017. 2014-2015;
Major participant, “The Research on XBRL Financial Information Conduction Mechanism and Governance Effect”, National Science foundation granted by China, No. 71372016. 2014-2017;
Major participant, “The Impact of Institutional Investors on the Benefit Conflicts between Shareholders and Managers”, National Science foundation granted by China, No. 70972130. 2010-2012.

Academic Affiliation and Membership