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Huanan Li

  • Release date:2016-10-11 02:56:00

Assistant Professor Huanan Li, Ph.D.

  Dr. Huanan Li was born on July, 1985 in Liaoning province, China. He received his bachelor’s degree from Dalian University of Technology in 2008 and received his doctoral degree in Energy and Environment Engineering form Dalian University of Technology in 2013. Then he continued his postdoctoral research in the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research at BIT. Now he is an assistant professor in School of Management and Economics, BIT. His research focus on Complex System Modeling of Energy-Economic-Environment, Energy Demand Forecast, Analysis of Influence factors of Energy Consumption, Effective allocation of energy resources, greenhouse gas emissions path. He has published several academic papers in peer-reviewed international journals.


Representative Publications Books

《Research on China’s energy-related CO2 reduction strategy》, Ming Zhang, Hunan Li, Wenwen Wang. Economic Science Press, 2013. ISBN: 978-7-5141-3114-7. (In Chinese)


Selected Publications in Refereed International Journal

[1] Huanan Li*, Xin Chen. Dynamic game analysis on China’s public and private oil stockpiles. Natural Hazards, 2016. DOI 10.1007/s11069-016-2405-y.

[2] Huanan Li*, Yi-Ming Wei, Zhifu Mi. China’s carbon flow: 2008–2012. Energy Policy, 2015, 80:45–53. (SCI)

[3] Huanan Li*, Yi-Ming Wei. Is It Possible for China to Reduce its Total CO2 Emissions? Energy, 2015, 83:438-446. (SCI)

[4] Huanan Li*, Hailin Mu, Ming Zhang, Nan Li. Analysis on influence factors of China's CO2 emissions based on Path-STIRPAT model. Energy Policy, 2011, 39:6906-11. (SCI)

[5] Huanan Li, Hailin Mu*, Ming Zhang. Analysis of regional difference on impact factors of China's energy –related CO2 emission. Energy, 2012, 39(1): 319–326. (SCI)

[6] Hailin Mu, Huanan Li*, Ming Zhang, Miao Li. Analysis of China's Carbon Dioxide flow for 2008. Energy Policy, 2013, 54: 320-326. (SCI)

[7] Baojun Tang, Yujie Hu, Huanan Li*, et al. Research on Comprehensive Carrying Capacity of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region Based on State-space Method. Natural Hazards, 2015. DOI 10.1007/s11069-015-1891-7.

[8] Ming Zhang, Huanan Li, Min Zhou. Decomposition analysis of energy consumption in Chinese transportation sector. Applied Energy, 2011, 88(6): 2279-85. (SCI)

[9] Huanan Li, Hailin Mu, Ming Zhang. Analysis of China’s energy consumption impact factors. Procedia Environmental Sciences, 2011, 11:824-830. (EI)

[10] Huanan Li, Hailin Mu. Scenario analysis for optimal allocation of China’s electricity production system. Sustainable Cities and Society, 2014, 10:241–244.

[11] Miao Li, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li. Analysis and Assessments of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Systems in Various Operation Modes for a Building in China, Dalian. Energies, 2013, 6:2446-2467. (SCI)

[12] Xin Chen, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li, Shusen Gui. Using stockpile delegation to improve China’s strategic oil policy: A multi-dimension stochastic dynamic programming approach. Energy Policy, 2014, 69:28-42. (SCI)

[13] Ming Zhang, Huanan Li, Hailin Mu. Analysis of contribution degree of influencing factors on China's energy-related CO2 emissions. Statistics and Decision. 15(2011):58-62. (In Chinese).

[14] Nan Li, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li. Diesel Consumption of Mechanized Agriculture in China. Energies, 2012, 5: 5126-5149. (SCI)

[15] Huanan Li, Hailin Mu, Miao Li. Analysis for contribution degree to energy-related CO2 emission in china, 1996-2005. The 13th Annual Meeting of China Association of Science and Technology.

[16] Huanan Li, Hailin Mu, Nan Li, Miao Li. Analysis of provincial difference of influencing factors on CO2 emissions in China. 1st Asia Future Conference 2013.

[17] Yanzheng Lu, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li. An analysis and forecast of the energy consumption of Chinese agriculture sector. ICEE2011 volume3, 337-340.

[18] Xiaoyu Liu, Hailin Mu, Huanan Li. A Decomposition Analysis of Developing Low-carbon Economy in Dalian Industry sector. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, v361-363:1954-59.


Contact Information

Assistant Professor Huanan Li
5 South Zhongguanccun Street, Haidian District,
Beijing 100081, China
Tel.: 0086-10-68918401