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Junpeng Wang

  • Release date:2016-07-08 06:35:00

Junpeng Wang

Assistant Professor of Business Management at School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology

M.A. Student Advisor of Business Management


School of Management and Economics

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)

No.5 South Zhongguancun Street

Haidian District

Beijing City 100081

PR. China.


Phone: 8610-68918823

Fax: 8610-68912483


Educational Background

Ph.D., Business Management, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2013

M.S., Management Science and Engineering, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2004

B.S., Information Management and Information System, Beijing Institute of Machinery Industry, 2001


Academic Employment

M.A. Student Advisor, BIT,       Sept. 2012 – present

Assistant Professor, BIT, Jul. 2006 – present

Research Assistant, BIT, Apr. 2004– Jul. 2006



Courses taught at School of Management and Economics, BIT, 2004 – present

Application of Common Software (Undergraduate)

Application of Statistical Software (Undergraduate)

Management Science (Undergraduate)


Honors and Awards

First Prize, Excellent young university teachers' social research project in Beijing, 2014

Chinese management science awards, 2014

Third Prize, National statistical science awards, 2005

Second Prize, Beijing municipal science and technology awards, 2004


Research Interests

innovative business model, organizational strategy, technological innovation, innovation method, open innovation, internet finance(crowdfunding)


Main Research Projects

Research projects focuses on Theories and Methods of Modern Organization Management, Technology Economics and Innovation Management. Projects include the followings.

  1. Director of Sub-project, “Research on the Application of Innovation Methods In the New Energy Automotive Industry”, Special Items of Innovation Methods, Ministry of Science and Technology Granted, 2015.10-2017.10
  2. Director of Research, “Research on the Structural Complexity of Technical Innovation System in Major Science and Technology Projects”, Basic Scientific Research Fund of BIT, 2012.01-2013.12
  3. Core Participant of Research, “Research on the Coordination Management Mode of Organization Interface in Complicated Major Science and Technology Projects”. Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012.01-2015.12
  4. Core Participant of Research, “Research on the Modern Decision Theory and Method”, National Soft Science Research Project, Ministry of Science and Technology Granted2013.12-2014.12
  5. Core Participant of Research, “Research on the Innovation Methods Application in the Military Enterprises”, Special Items of Innovation Methods, Ministry of Science and Technology Granted, 2011.10-2014.10
  6. Core Participant of Research, “The Development Model to Intermediary Organizations System of Technology Transfer Based on Innovation Network”. Beijing Natural Science Foundation, 2009.01-2011.12
  7. Core Participant of Research, “The Construction and Management of Technology Transfer Network Based on Resource Integration”. Natural Science Foundation of China, 2009.01-2011.12
  8. Core Participant of Research, “Modern Decision Theory and Method and Their Application”, National Soft Science Research Project, Ministry of Science and Technology Granted2008.01-2009.06
  9. Core Participant of Research, “The Technology Transfer Organization and Policy of Science Technology and Industry”, National Defense Technology Research Project, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Granted, 2008.01 -2008.12
  10. Core Participant of Research, “The Application of Decision Theory and Method to Innovation”, Special Items of Innovation Methods, Ministry of Science and Technology Granted, 2008.06-2010.06



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