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Enjun Xia

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Enjun Xia
Year of Birth
Technology Economics and Management
Phone No.
86-10-68914215, 68914938, 86665768
School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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    Enjun Xia is a Professor, Doctoral Advisor in Dept. of Business Administration in SME of BIT. He lectures in Management, Project Investment Decision Analysis, Advanced Macroeconomics and Technological Innovation Management for graduate students. Prof. Xia has reached more than 20 scientific research achievement, among which 3 won the second, the third and the forth prize of Provincial Scientific and Technological progress respectively. He has published over 100 papers in domestic and international periodical and conference and co-authored 4 books. He does strategy research, serves as consultant , trainer for several companies.
Education background:
Sept 1980-Jul 1984, Bachelor Degree in Agriculture Economy Management , Jilin Agriculture University
Sept 1993-Jul 1997, Ph. D in Management, Nanjing Agriculture University
Jan 1997-Dec 1998, Post-Ph. D, Technological Economy and Management, Harbin Institute of Technology
Sept 2005-August 2006, Senior researcher and scholar, visiting professor, Finance Center in Business School in Sweden.
⑴August 1984 - June 1986,system engineering  Research Center of Changsha Agricultural Modernization Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, intern researcher;
⑵June 1986 - August 1993 , Integrated Research Center of Heilongjiang Institute of Agricultural Modernization, Chinese Academy of
Sciences , assistant researcher;
⑶1999.1-now professor and PhD supervisor of School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology,; Leading Scholars of  Techno-economic and Management Subject; management and School of Economics Degree Committee.;committee of Academic Degrees Committee
Research Interests
    Project Investment and Financing Management,Technology Economics Appraisal and Innovation Management,Technology Economics & Management for National Defense Industry
Selected Publications
⑴、The presentment situation、causes and institution building of Chinese technological innovation. Research and Development.1999(1);
⑵、Construction of the Operating Mechanism of Chinese Technological Innovation. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology. 1999(4);
⑶、A Game Theoretic Analysis on Technological Incentives of Enterprises  World Management Conference’99——The Global Management Revolution,July,17-20,1999,Beijing;
⑷、Study on Optimization Model of Bidding Assessment on Engineering Project. China Soft Science,2003(10);
⑸、“Study on Venture Capital enterprise alteration entrepreneur Decision Model”. The 2nd International Conference on HR Strategy and Entrepreneurship Hangzhou ,China, 26-28 . April. 2004;
⑹、“Study on Venture Capital Project Withdrawal Decision Model”. Proceedings of 20 04 International Conference on Management Science & Engineering. Published by Harbin Institute of Technology Press. Harbin, P. R. China. 2004;
⑺、Economic Significance Analysis of Venture Investment Proceedings of 2004 OBD Management Science & Engineering International Conference. Nov. 2004. Beijing, China;
⑻、“Organization Innovation Based on Core Competence ——Virtual Enterprises”. The fourth International Symposium on Management of Technology and Innovation. October 24-26, 2004. Hangzhou City, China. P418-422;
⑼、Comprehensive Evaluation of Risks in Venture Investment Project Decision-making. China Soft Science 2004(2);
⑽、Research on the Management of Disruptive Technology Innovation Process [J]. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology(Social Sciences Edition), 2007, 9(1):70-72;;,
⑾、A View on the Dissipative Structure of Technology System Evolvement [J]. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2006,8(2):42-45;
Research Projects
⑴1991-1992, integrated high-yield wheat technical research of Hailun, the Department of Fisheries agriculture and animal husbandry projects of Heilongjiang Province ;
⑵1991-1992, Spark Program Development Strategy and the "8 • 5" Development Program study of Heilongjiang Province, which is the provincial Science and projects;
⑶1996, The Song-Nen plain black flat post fertilization farming system and the fertilizer regulation and control measures for research, which is the state 8. Five scientific and technological research projects;
⑷1988-1989, research on the township business form and its operating mechanism, which is Heilongjiang Science and Technology Commission projects;
⑸1986-1988, Heilongjiang province, town and township enterprise development strategies and planning studies, Heilongjiang Science and Technology Commission projects;
⑹2001, Ordnance Group "15" development strategy research, which is Ordnance Group projects;
⑺2001, Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation, Enterprise Management, "15" development planning, which is Ordnance Equipment Group Corporation project;
⑻2000-2001, R & D Investment and Technological Innovation Strategy Game Management Research, which is the introduce talent Fund project of Beijing Institute of Technology
⑼1998, research on enterprise technology innovation, which is the post-doctoral fund projects;
⑽1998, high-tech venture capital market research, which is Harbin Institute of Technology, Dean of Economics and Management Fund
⑾2002 and 2003, research on defense weapons and equipment development of a management and procurement model, which is the General Armament Department project;
⑿2002 ~ 2004, research on the Yellow River in the 21st century human resource management and development, which is the Yellow River Management Board projects;
⒀2002 ~ 2003, research on the General Armament Department in Beijing Optical Cable Transmission Network Management System for intelligent development, which is space command center projects;
⒁2001 and 2002, research in the project production sharing contract model and constraints of economic management mechanism, which is China United Coalbed Methane Co., Ltd. project;
⒂ Research on strategy of revitalizing old industrial bases in the context of the development of military industrial enterprises in northeast China, National Defense Science, Technology Soft Science Project (2004)
⒃ The new era of weapons and equipment mobilization model of China’s research, which is weapons and equipment, mobilizing COSTIND Center Project (2004)
⒄ Space management system of research, which is Aerospace Science and Technology Group Project (2004)
⒅ Research on the shipping industry contribution rate of China’s economic development measurement , which is the Ministry of Communications Water Transport Department Project (2004)
⒆Research on the virtual enterprise model of organization and management, which is the Research Fund Project (2004 ~ 2005) of Beijing Institute of Technology
⒇ Research on enterprise management consulting research database platform construction, aerospace investment advisory consulting firm Project (2006);
Prizes and Honors
⑴ Integrated High-yield Wheat Technical Research of Hailun.  First prize of good harvest plan of Heilongjiang Province. Certificate No:92-10-3012;
⑵ Spark Program Development Strategy and the "8 • 5" Development Program study of Heilongjiang Province. The second prize of Heilongjiang Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award,Certificate No.:95-10-06;
⑶ The Song-Nen Plain Black Flat Post Fertilization Farming System and the Fertilizer Regulation and Control Measures for Research. The fourth prize of Heilongjiang Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award Certificate No.:96-137-04;
⑷Research on the Township Business Form and Its Operating Mechanism. The third prize of Heilongjiang Province Scientific and Technological Progress Award (1992)
⑸Research on the Township Business Form and Its Operating Mechanism.(1994) Awarded National Scientific and Technological Achievements Finisher  Certificate No.:031345
⑴Executive Director of China Technical and Economic Research Enterprise Branch and senior member;
⑵ Committee of world and China Competitiveness Assessment Center Expert Committee;
⑶Member of China MBA Development Research Association;
⑷Director of Beijing System Engineering Institute;
⑸ Editorial Board Member of "Techno-Economic" 、"Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology" (Social Science Edition); Reviewers of the magazines " Chinese Journal of Management ", "System Engineering Theory and Practice", "China Soft Science," "Journal of Tianjin University".