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Dan Jin

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Dan Jin
Associate Professor
Year of Birth
October 16, 1996
Management Science and Engineering
Phone No.
School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
Zip Code
She has been engaged in teaching and research of Information Management and Information Systems for many years.
She has delivered several courses for undergraduate and postgraduate: Computer Network Engineering, Computer Networks and Applications, Computer Operating Systems, Digital Logic, Management Information Systems, Principles of Computer, C Language, FoxPro for Windows, and so on.
Supported by high-tech enterprises and research institutes, she has carried out a wide range of collaborative research and has successfully developed a number of information systems projects. Because of her capability, she can guide the general master’s degree graduates, MBA, MPA, Master of Engineering and so on.
1984.9-1988.7 gained bachelor’s degree in Engineering in Nanjing University of Science & Technology
1988.9-1991.3 gained master’s degree in Engineering in Nanjing University of Science & Technology
1991.3-1994.7 engineer in No. 210 Institute of China Ordnance Industry Group
1994.7-present Associate Professor in School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology
Research Interests
Information Management Theory and Method:
Planning, Analysis and Design of Information Systems; Information Systems Integration and Information Resources Management Theories and Methods; Modeling, Optimization and Simulation for Complex Systems; Corporate Information and E-commerce, E-government and so on.

Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Management:
Supply Chain Partner Selection, Resource Planning, Logistics and Supply Chain Simulation
Selected Publications
[1] "Information Resources Management", Beijing: Higher Education Press, 2002
[2] "Information Resources Management", Beijing: Economic Science Press, 2000
Selected Articles
[1] Agent-based Cross-organizational Workflow System Modeling Research
[2] Data Processing in Customizing Workflow Management System Design
[3] Agent-based Personalized E-learning System
[4] Enterprises-based Cross-organizational Business Process Modeling Research
[5] Design of the Education system for Medical Staff
[6] Signature-based Human Resources Management System
[7] Study of the Implementation of ETL Process
Research Projects
Undertaken Projects:
1. A research of signal game based on customer behavior(NSFC)
2. Information system for medium-small enterprises

Finished Projects:
1. 2008, agility analysis of inter-organizational processes(NSFC)
2. 2006, ERP system of Beijing South-North Software Ltd. Co.
3. 2004, Confidential Management Information System
4. 2002, Prosecuting attorney Business Management Information System
5. 2000, Enterprise’s information system
Prizes and Honors
2000 Beijing Institute of Technology Teaching Award for Young Teachers
1998 Beijing Institute of Technology Teaching Award for Young Teachers
Assessment expert of Ministry of Science and Technology Innovation Fund Project
Member of Ministry of Education ITAT Project