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Donghua Zhu

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Donghua Zhu
Year of Birth
August 18, 1963
Management Science and Engineering
Phone No.
School of Management &Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
Zip Code
     Graduated from University of Science and Technology of China in 1987, undertook teaching and research in technology management field, and got Ministerial-level scientific research awards. Promoted as a researcher in 1994.During 1996-1999, as a visiting scholar at the high-end of TPAC of Georgia Institute of Technology. Vice-President in School of Management, Hefei University of Technology in 1999 and director of Forecasting and Development Institute. From October, 2001, worked in Beijing Institute of Technology.
      Main academic research fields including science and technology data mining, technology innovation management, technology forecasting and management. The main technical backbone and project designers of DOD project and NSF program shouldered by TPAC. In June, 2001, hired as scientific adviser of National Science Foundation project of Georgia Institute of Technology, and served as senior researcher of TPAC. Recently, presided over A number of national natural science foundation projects and projects o f National Science and Technology、Technology and Industry for National Defense、Ministry of Education “985 Project” and other national and provincial-level projects.
Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
Full-Professor, tutor of doctor, 10/2001 – now
Director of the Laboratory of Knowledge Discovery and Data Analysis, 10/2001 – now
Vice Dean of School of Management and Economics, 2007 – now
Vice Chairman of the Academic Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2009-now
Member of the Academic Committee of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2006-now
Technology Policy and Assessment Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Consultant of the NSF project--MOTI - Management of Technology Innovation, 06/2001 – 09/2001
Guest Senior researcher, 05/2001
Technology Policy and Assessment Center, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Visiting scholar, 01/1996–01/1999
Researcher of computer systems analyst for the TOAS(Technology Opportunities Analysis Systems) project, 06/1996–07/1996
 United Nations Development Programme, Field Office in P.R.China, Beijing, China
Consultant, 07/1996
 Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China
Senior researcher, full-professor, 12/1994 – 10/2001
Tutor of doctor, Management Science and Engineering, 05/2001
Director of IFD (Institute of Forecasting and Development), 06/1999 – 10/2001
Vice-dean, School of Management, 06/1999–07/2000
Deputy director of IFD (Institute of Forecasting and Development), 06/1993–06/1999
Associate professor, 12/1992–12/1994
Director of Science Policy and Information System Research Division, IFD, 06/1990–06/1993
Research associate, IFD, 07/1987–06/1990 Oct 2001,
Research Interests
Science and Technology Management, Technology Opportunities Analysis, Technology Forecasting, Management Information System, Data Mining
Selected Publications
[1] ZHU Donghua, ALAN L. Porter, Automated extraction and visualization of information for technological intelligence and forecasting, Technological Forecasting & Social Change. 2002.1
[2] ALAN L. Porter, ZHU Donghua, ect. Text Mining in a Foreign Language. IJCAI-99 Workshop, TEXT MINING: FOUNDATIONS, TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS, Stockholm, Sweden, August, 1999. 8
Research Projects
(1)"National Defense Science and Technology Management, "985 Project of Ministry of Education
(2)Management Mechanism, Affect Evaluation and Information Platform of Olypmic Games, Key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
(3)Hi-technology Monitoring and Analysis Methods based on Intelligent Knowledge Mining,Key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
(4)Monitoring Analysis Method of Strategic Industrial Technology Development, National Soft Science Research Program
(5)Development Trend of Foreign Foundation of Science and NSFC Management Strategy, Commissioned project of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Prizes and Honors
"Beijing Outstanding Teachers"                         2004;
Third prize of Beijing Science and Technology   2005;
Third prize of Beijing Science and Technology   2006;
New Century Excellent Talent Support Program of The Ministry of Education   2006;
Third prize of national defense science and technology     2008;
High-tech Olympics advanced individual awarded by The Science and Technology Committee of the 29th Olympic Games         2008;
Member of Olympic advanced group awarded by The Science and Technology Committee of the 29th Olympic Games     2008.
Member of a council of Chinese Association for Science of Science and S$T Policy