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Huiying Gao

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HuiYing Gao

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Department Management Science and Engineering

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School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing

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  Huiying Gao is an associated professor of School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology. She is the chair of System and Information Research Lab.


  During her Ph.D. Studying, she got the Scholarships of TU Berlin and was sent to Technische Universität Berlin, Germany as a Ph.D. student in 2002. From Jul 2002 to Apr. 2003, she took part in the content management system design and development in German ORTEC. Meanwhile, she finished her Ph.D. dissertation “A study on content management system based on intelligent clustering ”, in Aug. 2003 she received her Ph.D. in management science and engineering from School of Management and Economics of BIT where she became a fellow member of the faculty. She has visited Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany as visiting scholar from Nov.2008 to Apr.2009.

Research Interests

information system theory and method, intelligent information system, content management and retrieval method, enterprise informationalization, etc

Selected Publications

[1].Huiying Gao, Jinghua Zhao. Ontology based Enterprise Content Retrieval Method. Journal of Computers.Vol.5, No.12,2010,2314-321.

[2].Huiying Gao, Qianzhu. Semantic Web based Multi-agent Model for the Web Service Retrieval.Proceedings of 2009 IEEE Computer Network and Multimedia Technology, 2009, 12: 897-900.

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[4].Huiying Gao, Wolffried Stucky, Lei Liu. Web Services Classification Based on Intelligent Clustering Techniques. Proceedings of IFITA 2009, v 3, 2009.5: 242-245.

[5].Huiying Gao, Jiayuan Zhang, Roman Povalej, Wolffried Stucky. Service-Oriented Modeling Method for the Development of an E-Commerce Platform. Proceedings of  International Conference on e-Business and Information System Security, 2009.5.

[6].Weizi Li, Huiying Gao, Zhijun Yan, Kecheng Liu. On Dynamic Agility of Inter-Organizational Processes[100]. Proceedings of AMIGE2008, 2008.11: 51-54

[7].Huiying Gao,  Wolffried Stucky, Jinghua Zhao, Zhijun Yan. Adaptive Service Oriented Architecture of Enterprise Content Management System. Proceedings of ICISO 2009,2009361-366.

[8].Gao Huiying, Gan Renchu. Application of content classification based on intelligent clustering. Qinghua Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Tsinghua University, v 46, n SUPPL., p 1041-1045, June 2006, Language: Chinese

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[11].Gao Huiying, Gan Renchu. Content Management Enhanced e-government [100]. Proceedings of international conferences on digital enviorenment. Shanghai: Fudan University, 2005.07.

[12].Gao Huiying, Gan Renchu. An Experimental Model of Logistics with E-commerce[100], Proceedings of 2001 International Business in the Era of Economy Globalization, 2001, 9:178-181.


[1].Gan Renchu, Yan Zhijun, Gao Huiying.Information System Theory & Application, published by Higher Education Press

[2]. Long Hong, Li Huafang, Gao Huiying. Guidance for using UFIDA ERP.

Research Projects

[1].2012-2015 Participate in National Natural Science Foundation of China “social networks based Collaborative model and recommendation technology research”

[2].2008-2010 “Service oriented Archtecture of Information System”Foundation of BIT

[3].2006-2008 “Platform of the integration of information systems ”Foundation of BIT

[4].2007-2009 Participate in National Natural Science Foundation of China “Decision Making Theory and Application of the Simulation to the Rare Event”

[5].2006-2008: Participate in National Natural Science Foundation of China “Agility Analysis and Reengineering Method of Interorganizational Process ”

[6].2005-2007: Evaluation of Enterprise digitalization, Technology and Industry for National Defense

[7].2005-2006: Dynamic Integration Technology of Data Mining, General Armament Department

[8].2003—2004: Project “Website Content Management of Yantai Government”

[9].2002—2003: Research and development of“Content Management System”, Berlin, Germany

Prizes and Honors

The Third Class Award of Science and Technology Advancement from Technology and Industry for National Defense in 2007