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Kecheng Liu

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Kecheng Liu
Management Science and Engineering
Phone No
 +44 (0) 118 378 8614
BSc in Computer Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences Staff University, 1982
MSc in Decision Support Systems, International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC), the Netherlands. 1989
PhD in Information Management, Department of Information Management, School of Management Studies, University of Twente, the Netherlands, 1993
Research Interests
organisational semiotics, informatics in business organisations, adaptive information systems, enterprise information systems,information architecture for adaptive organisations; pervasive intelligent spaces, pervasive informatics, requirements engineering, business and IT strategy alignment
Selected Publications
Liu, K (2004) (eds) Virtual, Distributed and Flexible Organisations - Studies in Organisational Semiotics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, ISBN: 1402021615
Liu, K., R. Clarke, P. Anderson, R. Stamper (eds) with El-Sayed Abou-Zeid (2002a) Organizational Semiotics: evolving a science of information systems, Proceedings of IFIP WG8.1 Working Conference, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, ISBN: 1402071892
Liu, K., R. Clarke, P. Anderson, R. Stamper (eds) (2002b) Coordination and Communication using Signs: Studies in Organisational Semiotics - 2, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, ISBN: 0792375092
Liu, K., R. Clarke, R. Stamper, P. Anderson (eds) (2001) Information, Organisation and Technology: Studies in Organisational Semiotics - 1, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Boston, ISBN: 0792372581
Liu, K. (2000) Semiotics in Information Systems Engineering. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (ISBN 0521 593352), reprinted by Tsinghua University Press (2005, ISBN 7302 099626).
Liu, K. (1993) Semiotics Applied to Information Systems Development, PhD thesis, University of Twente, Enschede, ISBN: 90-9006076-6
Journal Papers
Kecheng Liu, Lily Sun and Yan Fu (2008) Ontological Modelling of Content Management for Information Provision, J. of Information and Software Technology, 50(2008) 1155-1164. (Available from ScienceDirect ) 
A. Taleb-Bendiab, Kecheng Liu, Philip Miseldine1, S. Furlong, Wenge Rong, Process-Aware E-Government Services Management: Reconciling Citizen, Business and Technology Dynamics, Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce. Vol. 3, No. 3, 2007
Wenge Rong and Kecheng Liu (2006) A Multi-agent Architecture for CSCW Systems: From Organizational Semiotics Perspective. In Zhong-Zhi Shi, Ramakoti Sadananda (eds), Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Vol 4088/2006): Agent Computing and Multi-Agent Systems, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, ISSN: 0302-9743
Liu, K., L. Sun, S. Tan (2006) Modelling Complex Systems for Project Planning – A Semiotics Motivated Method, The International Journal of General Systems (IJGS), 35(3): 313 – 327.
Liu, K. and L. Sun (2006) Determining Information Requirements for e-Business Systems – from activity space to information space, Journal of International Technology and Information Management, (selected as the keynote paper of the issue), 1(15): 1 – 18.
Liu, K. (2005) Requirements Reengineering from Legacy Information Systems Using Semiotic Techniques, Systems, Signs and Actions – The International Journal on Communication, Information Technology and Work, 1(1): 36-61.
Chan M.T. and K. Liu (2005) Applying Semiotic Analysis to the Design and Modeling of Distributed Multimedia Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 3168: 437-447.
Davis, D.N., Y. Luo and K. Liu (2003) Combining KADS with Zeus to Develop a Multi-Agent E-Commerce Application, International Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, Kluwer, 3(3-4):315-335.
Liu, K., L. Sun, J. Barjis, J.L.G. Dietz (2003) Modelling Dynamic Behaviour of Business Organisations: extension of DEMO from a semiotic perspective, Knowledge-Based Systems Journal, 16(2): 101–111, ISSN: 09507051
Liu, K., L. Sun, K. Bennett (2002) Co-Design of Business and IT Systems, Journal of Information Systems Frontiers, 4(3): 251-256.
Barjis, J., S. Chong, J.L.G. Dietz and K. Liu (2002) Development of Agent-Based E-Commerce Systems using the Semiotic Approach and the DEMO Transaction Concept, International Journal of Information Technology and Decision Making, 1(3): 491-510, ISSN: 0219-6220
Research Projects
Current Research Grants and Projects:
February 2007 – June 2008 Co-investigator (PI – Dr. Yinshan Tang) for a research grant (Euro73,078) from European Union (PASR 222 900) for the project of The Pedestrian Police Office (EuroCop).
2006 – 2008 PI for a research grant (£113K) from EPSRC (GR/T04878/01) on the project of Intelligent Buildings for Personalisation, within the programme of Sustainability for the Urban Environment.
November 2005- January 2008 Lead academic and co-investigator (PI – Chris Guy) for a research project grant (£160k) from DTI Research (CHB/003/00044C) on the Coordinated Management of Intelligent Pervasive Spaces (CMIPS).
Past Research Grants and Projects:
October 2003 – May 2007 PI for a grant (£115k) from EPSRC (H1407800) for two PhD projects on Autonomic Computing – creating self-evolving software systems (ACCESS).
June 2002 – September 2005 PI for a grant (£431,440) from EPSRC (GR/S04840/01) for a research team working on Semiotic Enterprise Design for IT Applications (SEDITA).
November 2004 – October 2007 Co-investigator (PI – Professor Z Irani, Brunel University) for a grant (£58011) from EPSRC (GR/T27020/01) on the Network for e-Government Integration and Systems Evaluation (e-GISE).
2004 – 2006 Co-investigator (PI – Prof. N. Gu) for a grant (RMB200K) from the Chinese National Science Foundation, for a joint research award with Fudan University on Semiotically Motivated Grid Infrastructure for Collaborative Work.
September 2003 PI for a grant (£7000) from EPSRC (GR/S17710/01) to support the 6th International Workshop of Organisational Semiotics – a new discipline for information systems work.
May 1997 – June 2000 PI for a grant (£101,904) from EPSRC (GR/L43473) for a research fellow working on a project of legacy systems reengineering (AMBOLS). 2003 Recipient of a grant (£1000) from British Council’s Treaty of Windsor Programme (LIS/992/2) for a joint research project "Normative Approach to Information Systems Modelling", equivalent support received by the partner from Portuguese Council of Polytechnics.
August 2003 Recipient of a grant from KC Wong Foundation (ref. 20021115114337) for joint research project on “image semantics” with Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
January – May 2002 PI for a project grant (£15,000) from Northampton Health Authority for the project of “Proof of Concept of IntelliCare” to prepare an EU framework 5 project.
August 2000 PI for a grant (£6000) from British Council/HK Research Grants Council for a joint research project “Object-Oriented Requirements Engineering” (Grant No. 9050145).
2000 Recipient of an award for "Distinguished Scientist" from "Hua Ying" Foundation, for working as a specially invited expert at Department of Computer Science of Nanjin University (second best computer science department in China) where I delivered a series of research seminars and lectures.
August 2000 Recipient of support of £1000 from the Royal Society, for presenting a paper at the 16th IFIP World Computer Congress, Beijing.
1998 PI for a grant (HK$79,500, eq. £7,000) from British Council/HK Research Grants Council (Grant No. 9050101) for a joint research project in “Modelling Behaviour of Agents in CSCW” systems for South-western China.
Prizes and Honors
Fellow of British Computer Society (Jan 2000 - ) • Member of BCS (October 1994 - )
Chartered Engineer, British Engineering Council (16 November 1994 - )
Member of ACM (June 1995 - )
Member of UK Academy of Information Systems (January 1996 - )
Member of IEEE (April 1997 - ) • Member of IFIP (The International Federation of Information Processing) Working Group 8.1 (1999 - )