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Xiang Chen

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Xiang Chen
Year of Birth
Management Science and Engineering
Phone No.
86-10- 68918478
School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
Zip Code
    Xiang Chen received his Ph. D in Beihang University in 2003, and at the same year he became a fellow member of faculty in SME of BIT. Before joining BIT, he used to work in a well-known software company and was in charge of more than 10 information systems development and project management.
    He has published more than 20 papers in domestic and international core periodical and international conferences, among which 7 are retrieved by EI index, 2 are retrieved by ISTP index. He has been the chief editor and co-editor of many text material.
Sept 1999- Sept 2000, Assistant for General Manager, Council member of board, Guangzhou Zhongming Website Technology Co. Ltd
Sept 2000- Sept 2002, Technological Manager, Lehuajian(China)Networks
From Sept 2003, Beijing Institute of Technology
Research Interests
Business Management& Strategic Planning, Business Process Management and Re-engineering, Work-flow Management, IT Project Management , Enterprise Informationization, Database System Application , Data Mining, Project Planning and Planning Theory ,Information System Planning, Information System Development,
Information System Integration.
Selected Publications
      Published more than 20 academic papers in representative academic journals and conferences at home and abroad. Seven of which are searched by EI( five of them are searched as the first author), two papers are searched by ISTP. Took part in compiling several textbooks.
Research Projects
Research Projects at Present
(1)Modern Service Industry Common Technical Support System and Application Demonstration Projects. Sub-topic:dual-use e-commerce services demonstration project.
(2)National Natural Science Foundation Project: Cross-organizational Processes Agility Analysis and Reconstruction Methods.
(3)Digital Enterprise Process Reengineering of Hebei Taihang Machinery Group
Completed Projects
(1)2004.10:China North Industries Group Corporation” Information Eleventh Five-Year Plan”,(Planning drafters )
(2)2000.9~2002.1:BPR Formal Methods and Its Empirical Study (National Natural Science Foundation Project,Number:79870005,Main participants )
(3)2001.12-2002.07:China National Offshore Oil Corporation Completed Project Data Decision-making System( be in charge of technology management)
(4)2001.04-2001.10:China National Offshore Oil Research Center Project Management Platform( project leader)
(5)1999.09-2000.05:Joinmax Office Automation System(Product manager, systems analyst, Ministry of Information Industry Registration No.2001SR0120)
Member of China North Industries Group Corporation “Information Eleventh Five-Year Plan” group;
Technical Advisor of MOST dual-use E-commerce and modern logistics
Productivity Promotion Center;
Information Construction Consultants of Institute of China Ordnance Industry
Standardization and Hebei Taihang Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.