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Xiufeng Zuo

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Xiufeng Zuo



Management Science and Loistics

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School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing, P.R.China

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Received engineering doctor’s degree from the China University of Mining & Technology in 2000.

Received engineering master’s degree from the China University of Mining & Technology in 1984.

Received his bachelor’s degree from the Liaoning Engineering Technology University in 1982,.

Professional Experience

May 2004—now, Teacher of Beijing Institute of Technology,

April 2002—April 2004, Post-doctor of Management Science and Engineering post-doctoral work station in Beijing Institute of Technology;

January 1985—March 2002,Teacher of China University of Mining & Technology.


Operations Research, Management Mathematics Test, Planning and Design for Logistics Systems, Complex-system Theories and Methods, System Modeling and Optimization, Modeling and Simulation of Supply Chain systems and so on.



Complex-system Modeling and Simulation, System Engineering, Decision- making Support System, Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Selected Publications

[1] Xiufeng Zuo, Qian Ran, Wenzhuo Gu. Research Situations and Development Trends of Emergency Logistics at home and abroadProceedings of 2009 IEEE International Conference on Grey Systems and Intelligent ServicesNovember 10-12,2009,Nanjing,China. .(EI)

[2] Xiufeng Zuo, Yajie Wang, Qian Ran, Rui Cui. Emergency repositories network layout model and calculationProceedings of 2010 Sixth International Conference on Natural Computation10-20 Aug 2010, Yantai, China.

[3] ZUO Xiufeng, ZHANG Zhenshi, WU JunResearch on the Emergency Material Dispatching Model and Algorithm Based on POEM [J]Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2010Vol.18Special),908-912.

[4] Zuo Xiufeng etc. Research on Rational Continuous Throughput of Underground Mines [J].  Journal of China University of Mining & Technology,2002,31(2).

[5] Zuo Xiufeng etc. UML Modeling and the Procedure Simulation of Workface[J]. Journal of Guizhou University of Technology(Natural Science Edition),,2002, 31(5).

[6] Zuo Xiufeng etc. Research on the simulation model of dynamic supply chain system[J].  Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology,2004,33(4).

[7] Zuo Xiufeng etc. Evolution Simulation for the Stock Policy of Supply Chains[J]. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2004,24(8). (EI)

[8] Zuo Xiufeng etc. Reliability Model of Transportation and Winding System of Mine[J]. Systems Engineering theory & Practice,2005.3. (EI)

[9] Zuo Xiufeng etc. Stochastic service system model of coal bunker[J]. Journal of Liaoning Technical University, Vol.24 No.3Jun.2005. (EI)

[10] Zheng Hongwen,Zuo Xiufeng. the evaluation framework of performance measurement metric system of the supply chain[J]. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2006supplement. (EI)

[12] Zuo Xiufeng. Exploitation  Disposition of high-output and high-efficiency mine and deep mine as well as its Decision Support System [M]. The publishing house of China University of Mining & Technology, 2000.

[13] Lin Zaikang, Zuo Xiufeng etc. Mineral Information and Computer Applications[M]. The publishing house of China University of Mining & Technology, 2002.

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Academ Affiliation and Membership

Member of council of Chinese Society of Optimization, overall Planning and Economical Mathematics,

Member of council of Beijing Engineering Management Institute.