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Hua Zhong

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Year of Birth
 Dec. 1976
Management Science and Engineering
Phone No.
School of Management and Economics, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District      Beijing,P.R.China
Zip Code
Game TheoryStatistical Software Applicationetc.
Associate professorM.A. Student Advisor
Visiting ScholarUniversity of California, Berkeley2010.01-2011.01
Ph.D., Management Science and Engineering, BIT.
Research Interests
Reverse logistics and supply chain, Innovation and sustainable development, Game theory
Selected Publications
[1]     Hua Zhong. Design for E-waste Recycling Deposit System and Expense Mechanism in China[M]. Post-Consumer Waste Recycling and Optimal Production, Publisher: Intech, ISBN 978-953-51-0632-6, May 2012:151-166                                                       
[2]     Hua Zhong, Botang Han. Game Theory Exam Reform Based on the Simulated Scenes Teaching [J]. Academic Degree and Graduate Education. 2012.No. 5,pp 60-62
[3]     Hua Zhong, Botang Han. Innovation and Research based Talents Cultivation Practice Teaching Paradigm and Its Application [J]. China University Teaching, 2012 No.3, pp39-42
[4]     Hua Zhong, Botang Han. A New Solution for E-waste Recycling under EPR Policy. China Soft Science 2012,pp 366-370.
[5]     Hua Zhong, Chen Zhao. E-waste Deposit System Under EPR in China A view from closed-loop supply chain, Proceeding of The 9th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, Shanghai, 2012.7.02, pp239-242,EI
[6]     Hua Zhong, Shu Schiller, Exploratory Proposal for E-waste Recycling Deposit System Under EPR. Proceeding of 2011 International Conference on Transportation Engineering, Chengdu, 2011.7.22,pp 3171-3176, EI
[7]     Hua Zhong, Shu Schiller. Design of the Expense Allocation Mechanism in E-waste Recycling Deposit System Under EPR Framework. Proceeding of The 8th International Conference on Service Systems and Service Management, Tianjin, 2011.6.25:316-321. EI
[8]     Hua Zhong, Shu Schiller, Jianchang Liu. Building a Third-party Recycling Platform for E-waste Recycling through an Extended Producer Responsibility Framework[100].Proceeding of 2010 International Conference on Logistics Engineering and Management, Chengdu, 2010.10:49-54, EI
Research Projects
[1]PI,“E-waste Recycling Deposit System Design and Expense Mechanism – a  View form Closed-loop Supply Chain”, Grant(20121101120050) of the Ph.D. Programs Foundation from Ministry of Education of China
[2]PI,“E-waste Recycling Platform Mechanism Design- a View from EPR Policy”, Humanities and Social Science Grant (10YJC630414) from Ministry of Education of China
[3]PI, “Mechanism Design and Application Research of E-waste Recycling Based on Extended Producer Responsibility”, BIT Basic Research Foundation(321002210929), BIT
[4]PI, “A Teaching Reform Study on Thinking Training and Competitive Activities under Team-oriented Learning in Activity-based Classes” 3210011150601, Teaching Reform Key Project of BIT
Prizes and Honors
T-more Excellent Teacher, T-more Foundation
“San Yu Ren” Excellent Teacher, BIT
First Prize, BIT Teaching Competition, BIT