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Shouyang Wang

  • Release date:2016-07-08 10:10:00

WANG Shou-Yang

WANG Shou-Yang, male, born in July 1958 in Jiangsu Province. "TEI @ I" methodology founder, TWAS Academician, Academician of the International Academy of Systems and Control, Fellow of Asia Pacific Industrial Engineering and Management.
He received his Ph.D. from Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Systems Science in 1986, and now a researcher at Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Mathematics and System Sciences, doctoral tutor, the party secretary, vice president, director of the Chinese Academy Forecast Sciences Research Centre, Dean of the School of Economics and Management, University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Education "Changjiang scholar" Chair Professor.

Research direction
Decision analysis, financial management, logistics and supply chain management, economic analysis and forecasting, policy analysis.

Recent publications

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