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Hui Liu

  • Release date:2013-06-26 05:26:00

Personal Data


Birth DateAugust 14th, 1966


Acadamic PositionAssociate Professor

Teaching: IT Project Management, E-commerce and E-government, Management Information Systems , Business Intelligence and Expert Systems



AddressSchool of Management & Economics

Beijing Institute of Technology

No. 5, Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing 100081,

P. R. China



1983-1987, Institute of Microcomputer Application, HeFei University of Technology:Undergraduate student

1989-1992, Department of Computer Science, FuDan University: Master of Science

1992-1995,  School of Management, FuDan University: Doctor of  Science

2007, ITIL Training and Testing Center authorized by EXIN: ITIL  FOUNDATION

2010, China Information Security Certification Center: Information Security Management System (ISO/IEC27001)  Authentication  Auditors

2013-2014Senior visiting scholar, Simon Fraser University, Canada


Acadamic Positions

1987-1989,  Assitant, Department of Mathematics, XinJiang University

1995-1998, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, XinJiang University

1998-2002,  Senior Engineer, Beijing Morrowsoft Technology Co. Ltd

2003-, Associate Professor, School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology



Evaluation expert for Innovation Fund project of Ministry of Science and technology

Reviewer, Industrial Engineering Journal

Reviewer, Chinese Journal of management


Professional Certifications

Assessor, Water conservancy safety production standardization



[1]Wang Baosong, Liu Hui and Jia KaiThe Research & Architecture Designing on  E-government Data Collecting and Submitting PlatformThe Computer Application and Research (supplement), October 2006p543-545

[2]Gong Xue, Liu Hui and Chen ZhengTechnical Framework of Object Naming ServiceThe Logistics Technology April 2006 P62-64

[3]Chen Zheng, Liu Hui and Gong Xue, Analysis and Research on the Architecture of the Savant for the Internet of ThingsThe Logistics TechnologyJuly 2006P18-21

[4]Tu Qiang, Liu Hui and Li Junyi, Applied Research on PMI Access Control Mechanism Based on Attribute Extended RBACNetwork Security Technology and Application2008No.1

[5]Li Junyi, Liu Hui and Tu QiangSingle Sign-on for a Whole Organization with Multiple Application Systems, Information Security and Communications PrivacyJuly 2007P89-91

[6]Sun Qian and Liu Hui, Research on Methods of Preliminary Evaluation of Strategic Suppliers of  Mass CustomizingModern Management Science(supplement)April 2008P81-83

[7]Shao DaxingLiu Hui and Ta Na Reasearch on Availability Incidents Based on  ITILv3.0The China Enterprise Operations Research July 2009P66-73

[8]Ta Na, Liu Hui and Shao Daxing, Research on Comprehensive Evaluation Methods of Network System AvailabilityThe China Enterprise Operations ResearchJuly 2009P363-369

[9]Liu Hui, Yue Lin, Pen Chen, Lufeng Jin, Fan Ding A Practical Availability Risk Assessment Framework in ITILThe 5th IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE 2010) 4-5June 2010

[10]Lin Yue and Liu Hui, Study  of  Risk Factors Influencing IT Service Network Availabilityscienology and Science and Technology Management, 2009,  No.12,  P120-123

[11]Lin Yue and Liu Hui The Risk Assessment Method Based on IT Service Network AvailabilityChina Computer and Communicationacademic edition),August 2009P32-33.

[12]LI Ran, Liu HuiRelation Research on IT services and ICT Components That Supporting Business OperationAdvances in Artifical Intelligence (MSE2011)15-212011

[13]Chen Binbin, Liu HuiThe Impact of Big Data on Procurement and Supply ChainChina Sourcing Development ReportP239-2542014

[14]Chen Binbin, Liu HuiCollaborative Information technology Improves  Procurement, Global Sourcing, P63-65,2014




Liu Hui and Chen Qian etc, IT Execution-IT Project Management, by Electronic Industry Press, May 2004


Personal and Acadamic Awards (for the last five years)

  1. Zuo Xiufeng, Long Hong and Liu Hui etc, 2nd Prize for twelfth Education and Teaching acheievement award held by Beijing Institute of Technology, 2008
  2. Liu Hui, excellent Masters thesis supervisor of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2010, Committee for Evaluating Academic Degrees of Beijing Institute of TechnologyGraduate School of Beijing Institute of Technology
  3. Liu Huiexcellent MBAs thesis supervisor of Beijing Institute of Technology, 2011


Acadamic and Consultancy Projects (for the last five years)

Liu Hui, Reasrech on Integrated Development of Internet Trust and Application System, Xingtang Communication Technology Co. , Ltd., from 2008-2009

Gao Huiying, Liu HuiThe Research on the Architecture of Regional Medical Information system Driven by DemandBeijing Natural Science fundation, 2013-2014


Acadamic Conferences and other International and Domestic Professional Conferences (for the last five years)

[1]China Project Management Conference 2015, 2015.10, Xian, Project Management Research Committee, Chinese Society of optimization, overall planning and Economical Mathematics

    [2].  An Forum on IT Project Managemen 2012 in China2012.6DaLianChina International Software and Information Service FairPMI

[3]. The 5th IEEE International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE 2010), June 2010, Nanjing, Nanjing University, A Practical Availability Risk Assessment Framework in ITIL

[4]2009 E-Commerence and Business Intelligence International Academic ConferencesECBI2009, June 2009, Beijing, Society of Management Science of China

[5]Academic Seminar on IT Project Management in China, July 2009, Beijing, Information Technology Application Chapter of China Information Industry Commerce Chamber

[6]. The 10th annual symposium of Institute of China Management Science October 2008, Hefei, University of Science and Technology of China

[7]The 10th national academic exchange of Java technology and its application, October 2007, Computer Application Committee of China Computer Federation

[8]Summit forum on Project Managemen Informatization 2007,  November 2007, Shenzhen, Project Management Technology Magazine

[9]The  20th  IPMA World Congress on Project Management, October 2006Shanghai, International Project Management Association, Shanghai Power Science & Technology Co. Ltd,  Project Management Technology Magazine

[10]International Conference on Innovative Computing, Information and ControlICICIC2006),2006.8, Beijing, ICIC International, National Natural Science Foundation of China,  Beijing Jiaotong University