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Zhijun Yan

  • Release date:2016-03-21 09:44:00

Prof.Zhijun Yan, Ph.D

1992.9-1996.7 School of Management, Beijing Institute of Technology, Bachelor
1997.9-2001.3 School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, Ph.D

Research Interests

E-Commerce , Health Care Management, Medical Big Data Analysis, Social Network Analysis

Selected Publications

[1]. Zhijun Yan, Tianmei Wang, Yi Chen, Han Zhang. Knowledge sharing in online health communities: A social exchange theory perspective. Information & Management. 2016, forthcoming(SSCI/SCIE/EI)
[2]. Zhijun Yan, He Huang, Yahong Chen, and Yaohui Pan. Identifying the direct risk source to contain epidemics more effectively. PHYSICAL REVIEW E ,2016,93, 012308. (SCI/SCIE)
[3]. Chao Dong, Qiuju Yin, Wenyang Liu, Zhijun Yan*, Tianyu Shi. Can rewiring strategy control the epidemic spreading? Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. 2015, 438:169-177. (SCI/SCIE)
[4]. Maria Ikram, Zhijun Yan*, Yan Liu, Weihua Qu. Seasonal effects of temperature fluctuations on air quality and respiratory disease: a study in Beijing. Natural Hazards, November 2015, 79(2):833-853 (SCIE)
[5]. Zhijun Yan, Meiming Xing, Dongsong Zhang, Baizhang Ma. EXPRS: An Extended PageRank Method for Product Feature Extraction from Online Consumer Reviews. Information & Management. 2015, 52(7): 850-858.(SSCI/SCIE/EI)
[6]. Weihua Qu, Zhijun Yan*, Guohua Qu, Maria Ikaram. Household solid fuel use and cardiovascular disease in rural areas in Shanxi, China, Iranian Journal of Public Health, 2015, 44(5):625-638 (SSCI/SCIE)
[7]. QU Wei-hua, YAN Zhi-jun. The Influence of Environmental Pollution, Economic Growth and Healthcare Services to Public Health Based on China's Provincial Panel Data,Chinese Journal of Management Science,2015,23(7):166-176.(in Chinese)
[8]. PAN Yao-hui, YAN Zhi-jun, LIU Wen-yang. Information Spreading in Complex Networks Based on Population Characteristics. Transactions of Beijing Institute Of Technology, 2015, 35(8):872-875. (in Chinese, EI)
[9]. He Huang, Zhijun Yan*, Yaohui Pan. Measuring edge importance to improve immunization performance. Physica A ,2014:416, 532-540. (SCI/SCIE)
[10]. Dongsong Zhang , Zhijun Yan *, Hansi Jiang , Taeha Kim*. A domain-feature enhanced classification model for the detection of Chinese phishing e-Business websites. Information & Management, 2014:51(7), 845-853 (SSCI/SCIE/EI)
[11]. MA Bai-zhang, YAN Zhi-jun. Product features extraction of online reviews based on LDA model, Computer Integrated Manufacturing System. 2014, 20(1): 96-103. (EI, in Chinese)
[12]. QU Weihua, YAN Zhijun. Impact of Energy Consumption on Environment and Public Health: Empirical Evidence from Shanxi Province. Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Social Sciences Edition). 2014.4, 16(4):33-41. (in Chinese)
[13]. WANG Ruobin, LIU Kecheng, YAN Zhijun, WANG Qiuming. Simplification and Application of Structural Equation Model in Human Computers Behavioral Research. Mathmatics in Practice and Theory, 2014,44(3):92-99. (in Chinese)
[14]. Baizhang Ma, Dongsong Zhang, Zhijun Yan*. Taeha Kim. An Lda and Synonym Lexicon Based Approach to Product Feature Extraction from Online Consumer Product Reviews. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 2013, 14(4):304-314.
[15]. CHEN Yi, YAN Zhijun. The Research of Knowledge Sharing on Online Health Communities.CNAIS2013.
[16]. Hansi Jiang,Dongsong Zhang ,Zhijun Yan . A Classification Model for Detection of Chinese Phishing E-Business Websites, Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems(PACIS) 2013, Hosted by the Korea Society of Management Information Systems (KMIS), Jeju Island, Korea, June 18-22 2013. (Best paper nomination)
[17]. Maria Ikram, Zhijun Yan. Relational Database Modelling Approach for Quality Health Care: An Application Case in Pakistan. 14th International Conference on Informatics and Semiotics in Organisations (ICISO2013), Stockholm, Sweden 25-26 March 2013, pp.215-221.
[18]. YANG Lina, YAN Zhijun, MENG Zhaokuan.Dynamic Establishing Virtual Learning Community Based on Personalized Recommendation Strategy. Modern Educational Technology,2012,22(1):88-92.
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[20]. YAN Zhijun, BI Hailing. Analysis on the E-government Information Resources Sharing by Repeated Game Theory, Transactions of Beijing Institute of Technology,2011,31(1):122-126.
[21]. Gao Ning, Chen Xiang, Yan Zhijun. Constructing Methods of Social Network Model with Cooperative Relationship [C]. 2011 Eighth International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery (FSKD) ,2011, 2013-2016.
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[23]. Lina Yang,Zhijun Yan. Personalized Recommendation for Learning Resources Based-on Case Reasoning Agents.2011 International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE),2011.05,6689-6692. Yichang, China,September 16-18, 2011
[24]. WANG Ruobin, YAN Zhijun. Factors of User’s Perception of e-service Procedure Fairness, CNAIS2011.
[25]. YANG Lina, YAN Zhijun. An Empirical Study on Network Learning Behavior from the View of Technology Adoption. Distance Education In China . 2011,4, 36-40.
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[30]. Ruobin Wang; Zhijun Yan; Kecheng Liu. An Empirical Study: Measuring the Service Quality of an e-Learning System with the Model of ZOT SERVQUAL. 2010 International Conference on E-Business and E-Government (ICEE),2010 , 5379 – 5382.
[31]. Lina Yang; Zhijun Yan. Personalized Recommendation for Trade Virtual Community Based on Trust Phases. 2010 International Conference on E-Business and E-Government (ICEE). 2010 , 4256 – 4259. 2013
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[33]. Liang Chen, Zhijun Yan and Jiajia Liu. Research of Modeling and Application on Multi-agent System Using Petri Nets. Communications of SIWN, 2008,4,25-28.

Research Projects

[1]. Health Knowledge Discovery and Personalized Medical Diagnosis and Treatment from Online Social Media, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2016-2019
[2]. Medical Big Data Analysis,2014-2015
[3]. Knowledge Sharing and Behavior Spread of Virtual Health Communities,National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2013-2016
[4]. Trust Mechanism and Recommendation Method of Online Community. National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2010—2012
[5]. Consumer Decision Support and Fake E-Commerce Website Detection based on Online Product Reviews, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2012-2013

  Council Member of CNAIS (China Association of Information Systems) (2005-)
  Vice Chairman of Management Decision and Information System Committee, Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics(2012-)
  Council Member of Energy Economics and Management Committee, Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics (2010-)


Address:School of Management and Economics,Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District,Beijing 100081, P.R.China