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Ke Wang

  • Release date:2013-06-03 12:25:00


Ke Wang, Ph.D.


Management Science and Engineering

Phone No.

+86-10-68914938 (office), +86-10-68918551 (fax)



School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology 5 S Zhongguancun St, Haidian District, Beijing, China

Zip Code



Ph.D. in Management Science, Beihang University

Joint education in University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Professional Experience

Associate professor, School of Management and Economics and Center for Energy & Environmental Policy Research (CEEP), Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT)


Management system engineering, Project risk management, Management science



Energy, Environmental and Economic System Modeling; Energy Economics and Climate Policy Modeling; System Comprehensive Evaluation Modeling and Application, DEA

Selected Publications

w   Wang K*, Xian Y, Wei YM, Huang Z. Sources of carbon productivity change: A decomposition and disaggregation analysis based on global Luenberger productivity indicator and endogenous directional distance function. Ecological Indicators 2016, 66, 545-555.

w   Wang K*, Wei YM. Sources of energy productivity change in China during 1997-2012: A decomposition analysis based on the Luenberger productivity indicator. Energy Economics 2016, 54, 50-59.

w   Liu Y, Wang K*. Energy efficiency of China's industry sector: An adjusted network DEA (data envelopment analysis)-based decomposition analysis. Energy 2015, 93, 1328-1337.

w   Wang K*, Wei YM, Huang Z. Potential gains from carbon emissions trading in China: A DEA based estimation on abatement cost savings. OMEGA- The International Journal of Management Science 2015, in press.

w   Wang K*, Wang YX, Li K, Wei YM. Energy poverty in China: An index based comprehensive evaluation. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 2015, 47, 308-323.

w   Wang K*, Yu S, Li MJ, We YM. Multi-directional efficiency analysis-based regional industrial environmental performance evaluation of China. Natural Hazards 2015, 75(2S), 273-299.

w   Wang K*, Wei YM. China’s regional industrial energy efficiency and carbon emissions abatement costs. Applied Energy 2014, 130, 617-631.

w   Wang K*, Huang W, Wu J, Liu YN. Efficiency measures of the Chinese commercial banking system using an additive two-stage DEA. OMEGA- The International Journal of Management Science 2014, 44, 5-20.

w   Wang K*, Liu YN. Can Beijing fight with haze? Lessons can be learned from London and Los Angeles. Natural Hazards 2014, 72, 1265-1274.

w   Wang K*, Zhang X, Wei YM, Yu S. Regional allocation of CO2 emissions allowance over provinces in China by 2020. Energy Policy 2013, 54, 214-229.

w   Wang K*, Wei YM, Zhang X. Energy and emissions efficiency patterns of Chinese regions: A multi-directional efficiency analysis. Applied Energy 2013, 104, 105-116.

w   Wang K*, Lu B, Wei YM. China's regional energy and environmental efficiency: A Range-Adjusted Measure based analysis. Applied Energy 2013, 112, 1403-1415.

w   Wang K, Yu S, Zhang W. China’s regional energy and environmental efficiency: A DEA window analysis based dynamic evaluation. Mathematical and Computer Modelling 2013, 58, 1117-1127.

w   Wang K*, Wang L, Wei YM, Ye M. Beijing storm of July 21, 2012: observations and reflections. Natural Hazards 2013, 67, 969-974.

w   Wang K*, Wei YM, Zhang X. A comparative analysis of China’s regional energy and emission performance: Which is the better way to deal with undesirable outputs? Energy Policy 2012, 46, 574-584.

w   Wang K, Wei FJ. Robust data envelopment analysis based MCDM with the consideration of uncertain data. Journal of Systems Engineering and Electronics 2010, 21(6), 981-989.

w   Wang K*, Liu YN. Prospect of China’s energy conservation and emission reduction during the remaining years of the 12th Five-Year Plan period. International Journal of Global Energy Issues 2016, 39(1/2): 18-34.

w   Zhang X, Wang K*, Hao Y, Fan JL, Wei YM. The impact of government policy on preference for NEVs: The evidence from China. Energy Policy 2013, 61, 382-393.

w   Yuan XC, Wang Q, Wang K, Wang B, Jin JL, Wei YM. China’s regional vulnerability to drought and its mitigation strategies under climate change: data envelopment analysis and analytic hierarchy process integrated approach. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 2015, 20(3), 341-359.

w   Lu B, Wang K, Xu Z. China’s regional energy efficiency: results based on three-stage DEA model. International Journal of Global Energy Issues 2013, 36(2), 262-276.

w   Wang B, Pan SY, Ke RY, Wang K, Wei YM. An overview of climate change vulnerability: a bibliometric analysis based on Web of Science database. Natural Hazards 2014, 74(3), 1649-1666.

w   Wei YM, Wang K, Wang ZH, Tatano H. Vulnerability of infrastructure to natural hazards and climate change in China. Natural Hazards 2014, 75(2), 107-110.

w   Wei YM, Wang L, Liao H, Wang K, Murty T, Yan J. Responsibility accounting in carbon allocation: A global perspective. Applied Energy 2014, 130, 122-133.

w   Yu S, Wei YM, Wang K. Provincial allocation of carbon emission reduction targets in China: An approach based on improved fuzzy cluster and Shapley value decomposition. Energy Policy 2014, 66, 630-644.

w   Wang H, Fang H, Yu X, Wang K. Development of natural gas vehicles in China: An assessment of enabling factors and barriers. Energy Policy 2015, 85: 80-93.

Recent Funds

National Natural Science Foundation of China, PI, 2012-2014 & 2015-2018

China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, PI, 2011-2012 & 2012-2013

Basic Scientific Research Foundation of BIT, PI, 2013-2014

China Clean Development Mechanism Fund, PI, 2012-2013

World Bank - China Energy Efficiency Financing Project, 2013-2014

China Low Carbon Development Strategy Research Project, 2012-2014

Academic Affiliation and Membership

Executive member of council of Energy Economics and Management Section of Chinese Society of Optimization, Overall Planning and Economical Mathematics

Member of council of Energy and Resources System Engineering Section of Systems Engineering Society of China

Reviewer of European Journal of Operational Research, OMEGA, Annals of Operations Research, Energy Economics, Energy Policy, Applied Energy, International Journal of Production Research, International Journal of Production Economics, Managerial Finance, Natural Hazards, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy Efficiency, Journal of Cleaner Production, PLoS ONE

Guest Editor of Annals of Operations Research, Natural Hazards

Associate Editor / Editorial Assistant of Journal of Modelling in Management