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Yuhuan Zhao

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  Personal Information

  Name:Yuhuan  Zhao


  Birth Date:11/24/1973


  Acadamic Position:Associate Professor

  Degree:Ph.D in Economics


  Mobile: (8610) 15010619017

  Address: School of Management and Economics

                 Beijing Institute of Technology

                 NO.5  Zhongguancun South Street

                 Haidian District ,Beijing 100081, China



  2007-2008  Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley(UC Berkeley)

  1998-2001, PhD in Economics, University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing, China

  1995-1998, MS in International Business, Shandong University, Jinan, Shandong Province, China

  1991-1995, BA in Economics, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Xi’an, Shanxi Province, China


  Acadamic Positions

  2003-present: Associate professor in international economics

  School of Management and Economics

  Beijing Institute of Technology


  2001-2003: Lecturer in international economics

  School of Management and Economics

  Beijing Institute of Technology



  Published Papers

  [1]Yuhuan Zhao,Ya Liu. Tracing value added in gross exports of China: Comparison with the USA, Japan, Korea, and India based on generalized LMDI,China Economic Review,2018(forthcoming)(SSCI)

  [2]Ya Liu, Yuhuan Zhao*,Economic benefits and environmental costs in exports of China:A comparison with USA based on network analysis, China &World Economy, 2018(forthcoming)(SSCI)

  [3]Sadia Bano, Yuhuan Zhao*. Identifying the impacts of human capital on carbon emissions in Pakistan, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018(183) (SSCI/SCI)

  [4]Yuhuan Zhao, Ye Cao. Bullwhip effect mitigation of green supply chain optimization in electronics industry, Journal of Cleaner Production, 2018(180) (SSCI/SCI)

  [5]Yuhuan Zhao, Hao Li*, Yanli Xiao, Ya Liu, Ye Cao, Zhonghua Zhang, Song Wang, Yongfeng, Ashfaq Ahmad, Scenario analysis of the carbon pricing policy in China’s power sector through 2050: Based on an improved CGE model, Ecological Indicators, 2018(85):352-366(SCI)

  [6]Hao Li, Yuhuan Zhao*, Xiaoyong Qiao , Ya Liu, Ye Cao, Yue Li, SongWang, Zhonghua Zhang,Yongfeng, Zhang , Jianfeng Weng, Identifying the driving forces of national and regional CO2 emissions in China: Based on temporal and spatial decomposition analysis models, Energy Economics, 2017(68):522-538(SSCI)

  [7]Yuhuan Zhao , Song Wang *, Ya Liu, Zhonghua Zhang, Yongfeng Zhang, Hao Li,Identifying the economic and environmental impacts of China’s trade in intermediates within the Asia-Pacific region,Journal of Cleaner Production , 2017 (149): 164-179(SSCI/SCI)

  [8]Yuhuan Zhao*, Hao Li, Zhonghua Zhang, Yongfeng Zhang, Song Wang, Ya Liu, Decomposition and scenario analysis of CO2 emissions in China’s power industry: based on LMDI method, Nature Hazards, 2017 (86):645-668(SCI)

  [9]Yuhuan Zhao, Ya Liu *, Zhonghua Zhang , Song Wang, Hao Lia, Ashfaq Ahmad,CO2 emissions per value added in exports of China: A comparison with USA based on generalized logarithmic mean Divisia index Decomposition,Journal of Cleaner Production, 2017 (144): 287-298 (SCI/EI)

  [10] Zhonghua Zhang, Yuhuan Zhao*,BinSu**, Yongfeng Zhang, Song Wang, Ya Liu, HaoLi. Embodied Carbon in China’s International Trade: An online SCI-E and SSCI based Literature Review. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews. 2016(68):492-510. (SCI )

  [11] Ashfaq Ahmad, Yuhuan Zhao*. et al. Carbon Emissions, Energy Consumption and Economic Growth: An aggregate and disaggregate analysis of Indian Economy, Energy Policy, 2016(96): 131-143(SSCI/SCI)

  [12] Yuhuan Zhao*, Song Wang, Zhonghua Zhang, Ya Liu, Ashfaq Ahmad. Driving factors of carbon emissions embodied in China–US trade: A structural decomposition analysis,Journal of Cleaner Production,2016(131):678-689 (SSCI/SCI)

  [13] Yuhuan Zhao,Ya Liu*, Song Wang, Zhonghua Zhang, Jiechao Li. Inter-regional linkage analysis of industrial CO2 emissions in China: An application of a hypothetical extraction method,Ecological Indicators,2016 (61):428–437 (SCI/EI)

  [14]Yuhuan Zhao. Input-output analysis of carbon emissions embodied in China-Japan trade,Applied Economics, 2016,48(16) :1515-1529 (SSCI)

  [15] Yuhuan Zhao, Zhonghua Zhang *, Song Wanga, YongfengZhang ,Ya Liu. Linkage analysis of sectoral CO2 emissions based on the hypothetical extraction method in South Africa. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015 (103):916-924 (SSCI/SCI)

  [16] Yuhuan Zhao*, Zhonghua Zhang, Song Wang, Shaojun Wang. CO2 emissions embodied in China’s foreign trade: An investigation from global vertical specialization, China&World Economy , 2014, 22(4):102-120(SSCI)

  [17]Yuhuan Zhao. The Study of Effect of Carbon Tax on the International Competitiveness of Energy-intensive Industries. Energy Procedia, 2011 (5). (EI)

  [18]Yi Jinchao、Xu Guoquan、Zhao Yuhuan.Study of Government-Industry-Research Integration based on Regional Low-Carbon Innovation System International Conference on Energy, Environment and Development. Energy Procedia, 2011 (5). (EI)

  [19] Yuhuan Zhao, The Study of Effect of CAFTA on CO2 Emission of China,SSEP2012 (ISTP)

  [20] Yuhuan Zhao ,The Empirical Study of Carbon Leakage between China and America, MEEE2013(Part Four) (EI)

  [21]Zhao YuHuan, The application of new environmentally friendly materials in environmental protection, Applied Mechanics and Materials 416-417(2013) 1652-1656 (EI)

  [22]Yuhuan Zhao, Song Wang. Relationship Between China’s Exports and CO2 Emissions. Journal of WTO and China, 2014, 4(4).

  [23]Yuhuan Zhao, Zhonghua Zhang, Study of CO2 emissions embodied in China's exports, 2015ASSRI International Conference of Industrial Electronics and Applications (IEA 2015).556-559.(EI Conference paper)


  Published Books

  [1]Yuhuan Zhao, Economics, Textbook, High Education Press,2013

  [2]Yuhuan Zhao, International Business, Publishing House of Electrical Industry,2013

  [3]Yuhuan Zhao, World Trade Organization: Textbook, Press of University of International Business and Economics, 2009

  [4]Yuhuan Zhao, Regional Trade Groups, Press of University of International Business and Economics, 2007

  [5]Yuhuan Zhao, International Merchandise Trade, Press of University of International Business and Economics, 2005


  Acadamic Projects

  (1)BNSF Program:Study on The Effect of Changes of Household Consumption Structure on Carbon Emissions of Beijing(No:9172015),2017.01-2019.12

  (2)NSFC Program:Study of Carbon Emissions Embodied in Foreign Trade of BRICS Countries and Countermeasures of China(No:71273026),2013.01-2016.12

  (3)NSFC Program:Study of Effect of Carbon Tax on Industrial International Competitiveness(No:70973009),2010.01-2012.12

  (4)Foundation Research Fund of BIT: Study of Carbon Emissions Responsibility of China,2014.01-2015.12

  (5)China Scholarship Fund: Study of Effect of Carbon Tax on Industrial International Competitiveness of OECD Countries,2011.1-2012.12