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Xiaosu Zhang

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Xiaosu Zhang
Associate Professor

Year of Birth
Applied Ecnomics
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School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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    Prof.Zhang is a graduate mentor from 1994, and now she is the party branch secretary of the Department of Applied Economics. 
        Editor-in-Chief and to participate in the preparation of teaching materials are: International Trade Theory and Practice (Eleventh Five-Year Planning, teaching materials); international technology trade; international trade practices; the next century knowledge must business leaders (the upper and lower); international trade in goods; crisis management; science and technology management; regional trade group; international trade in goods; Introduction to Crisis Management; Modern Management: Theory and methods.     
Research Interests
International trade theory, policy and practice, and the World Trade Organization agreements, international business, international technology transfer
Selected Publications At international conferences, domestic core papers published over 30 articles, there are: Evaluation and Analysis of Service Quality of China Tourist Industry, the International Conference on ICQR (2005 years, ISTP included); anti-dumping practice to determine the extent of industrial damage of the two methods comparative study (in 2008, the National Core Journals); Discussion principle of low-tax anti-dumping in our application (in 2008, core journals); Present situation, problems and strategy of Technology Import (Proceeding of International Symposium of 2007 Technology Innovation, Risk Management and Supply Chain Management, 2007, the International Conference, ISTP included); Otto recall crisis prevention and enterprises, (2005, core journals); China’s International Trade in Education Service and Strategies for Further Development (2001, the International meeting,. ISTP included); Analysis on the measuring of industry injury based on the changes of price and demand in anti-dumping, (CEMIC 7th 2005 years, ISTP / EI Indexed); of the export tax rebate mechanism to share the central and local bring the impact of (2005, core journals); commercial bank loan portfolio of Credit Metrics Research and Empirical Analysis (2005, core journals); conversion from Kuhn’s paradigm to see the development of economic theory (2008, core journals); Third-Party Logistics: the Bottle neck of EC in China (ISTP Indexed, 2003) and so on.
Research Projects Participate in the national Fund for Nature, Ministry of Commerce, Defense and other departments of scientific research projects are: the military industrial restructuring study, school second prize of scientific and technological achievements (Third Department of scientific and technological achievements); Liaohe Oilfield Development Strategy; the Ministry of Commerce of the fair Trade Research, anti-dumping warning system a number of research projects.
Prizes and Honors  Received the honorary title are: outstanding teachers in Beijing, the Beijing model ethics, outstanding teachers Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology Outstanding Party Member, excellent teacher. Award for outstanding teaching second-class results, the results of third post-graduate teaching excellence, graduate student thesis guidance of outstanding teachers, college students selected organizations "My beloved teacher," a number of honorary titles.