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  • Release date:2011-08-16 02:52:23

   The education center makes a big improvement through the 211 project and 985 project of BIT. The main research works and achievements are given as follows.  
    (1)The research of national economy mobilization subject is in the top level in China.
Based on Management Science and Engineering, NEM gradually formed a system of research and educational methodology with a distinctive managerial feature. Currently the management-oriented NEM, together with national defense economics, have become one of the three dominating mainstream academic researches. NEM has achieved a major break-through in the theoretic research and proposed Agile Mobilization Theory, Ideological Mobilization, Management-oriented Research Program of National Economy Mobilization and Mobilization of Logistics during the period of “Tenth Five-Year Plan” in China.
    (2)The national economy mobilization subject has advantages in students education and training
   The national economy mobilization sub-discipline focuses on the education of talented professionals on the field of national economy mobilization. The research directions are theory and methods of national economy mobilization, informalization of national economy mobilization and crisis management. At the same time, we also enroll Ph.D students for decision theories and methods of national economy mobilization. In students' education, we propose the studying guidelines "focusing on classroom teaching, accompanying teaching with training, integrating theoretical study with applications". Furthermore, graduate students are encouraged to participate in the related theories and special-issue training courses, which can be used to improve students' capability greatly. 
    (3)The state-of-art teaching and research facility is offered to scholars and students
The advanced research laboratory is established to which the investment is over 6 million RMB. Three major platforms are founded to support the profound research in national economy mobilization: national economy mobilization working platform based on national economy mobilization information system, national economy mobilization simulation platform based on HLA simulation technology and agile mobilization logistic simulation platform based on Arena simulation software. 

    In a word, the national economy mobilization subject is in the top level of China through the last ten-year development.