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2012 Campus Recruitment: Ruijie Network

  • Release date:2013-02-26 04:42:37

  Ruijie, a leading network equipment and solutions provider, was established in January 2000. Adhering to the “leading with application " development path, Ruijie has achieved extraordinary leap-forward development and growth and become a leading national brand for the network equipment, among the three major suppliers in Chinese Internet market.
  Today's Ruijie, has set up 37 branches nationwide, and the layout in the overseas market. It is a professional network vendor offering a full range of network solutions product line including switching, routing, software, security, wireless, storage. Its products and solutions are widely used in government, education, finance, medical, enterprise, carrier and other information technology fields, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North and South America, Middle East. The 2010 sales reached $ 1.6 billion.
  Currently, Ruijie employs more than 2800, 60% are technical personnel.
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