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Graduation Employment Form Checklist

  • Release date:2012-07-06 03:45:00

1.Origin: Provinces where students take the College Entrance Exam (usually applies to undergraduate students). For students who worked, the origin generally refers to provinces where they registered residence.
2. Name of Employer: name on the official seal of the employer.
3. Location of Employer: Beijing students fill out to the district, for example: Haidian District, Beijing; Other students fill out to the city, such as Jinan, Shandong Province.
4. Personal File Transmission Name:  Please fill in the receiving department of the employer, for example: Beijing Institute of Technology Personnel Office, Beijing Talent Service Center.
5. Personal File Transmission Address: Beijing students fill out to the district; Other students fill out to the city.
6. Household Registration Address: employer address or Province × ×, City × ×, Street × ×, No.x x.
Correct example: 1, Wuhan City, Hubei Province, Wuhan University of Science and Technology 2, No. 947 Heping Avenue, Qingshan District, Wuhan, Hubei Province.
7. Employment situation:
Options: sign the employment agreement; go abroad; graduate study; PhD study; post-doctoral; sign the labor contract; Beijing grass-roots service; volunteer service in the West; enlisted in the army; freelance; employment pending.
8. Graduation orientation: Options: dispatch, go abroad, graduate study.
9. Party Affiliation: Communist Party member, Communist Party probationary member, Communist Youth League member, the masses, etc.
10. Education diploma: Options: graduate with a bachelor’s degree, graduate without a bachelor’s degree, dropout, graduate with a master’s degree.
11. Training methods: non-oriented, oriented, consigned.
12. Duration: options: two; two and a half; three; three and a half; four; four and a half
13. Date of Birth: Year(4)+ months(2) + day(2), for example: 19801201
14. Comprehensive Evaluation: only for rewards of university-level or above.
15. Flexible employer name and location. Information for those with a labor contract, but not formally dispatched.