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Botang Han

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Botang Han
Management Science and Engineering
Phone No.
School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
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    Prof. Han received his BS Degree in Mathematics (1982), Department of Mathematics, Yanbian University, China, and his MA degree(1985) and Ph.D degree(1988) in Applied Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Beijing Institute of Technology.
1978.2--1982.1: Yanbian University ; Bachelor;  Major in math. 
1982.3--1985.3: Beijing Institute of Technology; Master ;Major in Applied Mathematics 
1985.3--1988.5: Beijing Institute of Technology; Doctor; Major in Applied Mathematics
1995.10--1996.9:Visiting Scholar of Institute of Business of Ball State University; Major in Management Science 
1988.5-- now :School of Management and Economics , Beijing Institute of Technology. Doctoral tutor
Research Interests
management science, management pattern, management decision, complicated system model establishment and simulation, information management and strategic management.
Selected Publications
Publications: “Operations Research”(first and second edition)and supporting software、 “Strategic Management” etc.
Academically:In ”Acta Mathematicae Applicatae Sinica” and “Chinese Science Bulletin” issued “CHROMATICITY OF Kn(1, m)”、“The RECONSTRUCTION of q-Trees”、“CHROMATICITY OF q-Tree”、“CHROMATICITY OF q-TREES” etc.,These essays are included in EI or “American Mathematical Reviews”;
Research Projects
National Key Projects:
Research on human resources of Chinese science and technology.
National Natural Science Fund projects:
Research on theory and application of elaboration of uncertain group decision-making, Space knowledge spillover and Chinese regional economic development,
Ministry of Education projects:
 Research on transformation of management science and engineer intern and practice
Enterprise and public institution projects:
 strategic planning of Shou Qi Group, analysis on the efficiency of investment on Beijing industries fixed assets
Prizes and Honors
[1] “Operations Research” was appointed as graduate teaching materials by Ministry of Education in 2004;
[2] “Operations Research”was appointed as undergraduate core curriculum materials of Management Science and Engineering by Management Science and Engineering Education Steering Committee in 2004
[3] “Management Science and Engineering Subjects Practice Reform Study”was awarded second Prize OF Beijing educational outcomes by Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2004;
[4]《Operations Research》was awarded as Beijing Quality Course by Beijing Municipal Education Commission in 2006;
[5]《Operations Research》Was awarded the National Quality Course by Ministry of Education in 2006;
[6] Beijing Municipal Higher Education teacher in 2006
[7] Beijing Municipal Higher Education teacher in 2007
[8] Educational Innovation pacesetter in 2006
[9]《Strategic Management》was awarded as Beijing Quality Teaching Material in 2007;
[10] Awarded the title of Er dong Meng style outstanding teacher in 2007
[11] National Education Teacher of higher education institution by Ministry of Education in 2007
[12]Leading Management of Operational Research and Decision-making Simulation of Teaching Team gain the title of Beijing Outstanding Teaching Team and National Outstanding Teaching Team in 2008
⑴State Council special allowance winner ;
⑵Member of Management Science and Engineering Education Steering Committee of Ministry of Education;
⑶Vice Chairman and the Secretary-General of Beijing University Management Science Research Council;
⑷Standing of China optimization、 overall planning method and economic Mathematical Society;
⑸Beijing Municipal government’s expert advisory;
⑹Editor of Beijing Institute of Technology Journal.