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Cunjin Li

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Cunjin Li
Year of Birth
May 2, 1962
Technological Economy Management
Phone No.
School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District Beijing
Zip Code
Prof. Li earned his bachelor degree from Tianjin University in 1984 and then his master degree from Harbin Institute of Technology. Once he taught in the Inner Mongolia University of Technology, Inner Mongolia School of Administrative Talent. He has been a fellow member of SME OF BIT ever since he earned his Ph.D in 2001. From 2001 to the present, Prof. Li has been workig in School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology.
Research Interests
Game theory and application, Actuarial Science, Portfolio Investment, Technological Innovation and Project Valuation, Organization Theory and Management Innovation, Human Resource Management, Problems in Non-governmental Enterprises Development
Selected Publications
Authored four books:
[1] Modern Management Incentive and Constrain Mechanism. 2002, Higher Education Press.
[2] Management Game Theory. 2005, BIT press.
[3] Questions and Answers of Management Game Theory. 2006, BIT press.
[4] Modern Management:theory and Methods. 2007, BIT press.

Published Papers more than fifty,for example:
[1] The Mechanism Expression of Incooperative Game in Management. 2002(3), Chinese Journal of Management Science
[2] New trend in enterprise management in 21st century.1999(10),China Soft Science.
[3] Team performance evaluation and management incentive and constrain mechanism under asymmetric information condition. 2001(3),SYSTEMS ENGINEERING-THEORYM ETHODOLOGY APPLICATIONS.
[4] How to choose the Market Game Strategies according to Core Competencies. 2005(11),East Chain Econnmic Management.
[5] Analyzing An Industry Clusters Phenomenon on East Camp City.2008(7), Reformation & Strategy.
Research Projects
Took part in research projects more than ten.For Example: A Study on the mode and approach of construction of creative city in Dongying City(2007-2008,Dongying City Soft Science Project); A Study with game theory on the life management of equipment purchasing(2007, BIT Science & Research fund). Now are taking part in project: Coupling theory of industry and ecological system with the empirical study on forest industry(2008-2011,China science nature foud).
Prizes and Honors
The research on Chinese one to one million minutes Rain Intensity Electronic Map won him the Second Prize of Beijing Science and Technology in 2005.
The statistical research on Chinese one to one million Rain Intensity won him the Third prize of National Statistic Scientific research in 2004.
Senior member of technology and economy association