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Jinlin Li

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Jinlin Li
Management Science and Engineering
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School of Management & Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 South Zhongguancun Street, Haidian District, Beijing
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     Chair of the School Council, editorial board of Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology, Research Management, Journal of Management, Science & Technology Progress and Policy, etc. To be a Visiting Scholar in University of Karlsruher of Germany in 2000 and in UC Berkeley of the U.S. in 2002. To be honored as the title of theoretical person of New Century “Hundred Persons Project", advisor of Excellent Master’s and Doctor’s Degree Thesis of Beijing institute of Technology.
     Performed as team leader in projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, doctor fund projects of Ministry of Education, the “973” projects of the Ministry of Science and Technology, projects of Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and so on national provincial and ministerial projects, as well as numbers of projects of management consultation for large and medium enterprises.
     Research achievements recently were awarded as numbers of prizes for science & technology innovation and achievement which were supported by Beijing government and departments. More than one hundred papers have been published in domestic and overseas scientific Journals and international conferences, many of them were in SCI, EI and ISTP searching system. The units which were lectured to doctor and master students are Management Statistics, Reliability Analysis for Complex System, Risk Management, etc.
1982-present Teacher, Associate Professor, Professor Beijing institute of Technology
2000 Visiting Scholar University of Karlsruher Germany
2002 Visiting Scholar UC Berkeley U.S.
Research Interests
Theory and method of Risk Management , Revenue Management,
Quality Control and Reliability
Selected Publications
[1] “Management Statistics”, Tsinghua University Press, 2006
[2] “The Application and Practice of Management Statistics” Tsinghua University Press, 2007
[3]Capacity control models and approaches in airline network, Journal of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, 2009 (1)
[4]Studies on assessing credit risk using accelerated hazard rates,2008 IEEE International Conference on Service Operations, Logistics and Information
[5] Study on the Distribution of Shanghai Stock Index Returns Based on g-h Distribution, Chinese Journal of Management Science, 2008 (11)
[6]The Strategic Value of Reward Programs for Enterprise Marketing Innovation – An Empirical Study Based on Retailing, China Soft Science, 2008 (6)
[7]Reform of the MBA Course of Management Statistics, Academic Degrees & Graduate Education, 2007 (12)
[8]Application of Online Reverse Auctions in Revenue Management of Airline Company,Journal of Systems Science and Information,2007 (1)
[9]A Stochastic Programming Model of Domestic Commercial Bank Asset and Liability Management Based on Liquidity Risk Constraints, Mathematics in Practice and Theory, 2007 (4)
[10]Averge Run Length Performance of Shewhart Control Chart with Interpretation Rules Using Markov Chain Approachs,The 6th IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA07)
[11] Efficient Moment Estimation for Stochastic Volatility Term Structure of Interest Rate, Journal of Beijing Institute of Technology (Nature Science), 2006 (5).
[12] Value Perception of Reward Programs and Its Effects on Program Loyalty and Brand Loyalty, Nankai Business Review, 2006 (5)
Research Projects
Robust Models and Strategies for Capacity Control and Overbooking in Revenue Management, doctor fund project of Ministry of Education, Team Leader, 2009, (In practice);
Some Issues on Network Revenue Management of Civil Airline Industry, project in the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Team Leader, 2008 (In practice);
Risk Management and Monitoring for equipment development, the eleventh five-year plan project in the Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense, Team Leader, 2006, (In practice);
Research Plan Monitoring and Analyzing for International Science, the “973” project in the Ministry of Science and Technology, 2003, (Finished);
Research on Disposition of Scientific & Technological Resources and the Structure Optimization & Improvement of Manufacturing Industry in Beijing, project in Science Committee, Team Leader, 2003, (Finished);
Research on Competition Mode of High Tech Corporation, project in Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Team Leader, 2003, (Finished);
Research on Modern Management of China Model City and District integrative Competition Ability, project in Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Team Leader, 2002 (Finished).
Prizes and Honors
The Level II Prize Awarded by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, 2006;
The Level III Prize Awarded by Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, 2005;
Advisor of Excellent Doctoral Degree Thesis of Beijing institute of Technology, 2003;
Pacesetter of Economical and Technological innovation Awarded by Beijing Federation of Trade Unions, 2002.
Associate Chairman in Enterprise Management in Management Science Society of China, Associate Chairman in Systems Engineering Society of Beijing, General Director in Systems Engineering Society of China, Director in Soft Science Society of China, Director of Chinese Society of Management Modernization, Standing Director in Higher Commercial Education Society of China, Advanced Consultant in Enterprise Management Society of China, Director in Private Economy Research Association of China, Evaluation Expert in Research Fund for Returnees in the Ministry of Education.