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Notice on the Selection of Peer Mentors for Grade 2018

To promote the good qualities of the senior students in terms of academic study, technical progress, social practice, volunteering work, literature, art, sport, etc., as well as giving impetus to freshman, peer mentors for grade 18 will be selected from excellent undergraduate and postgraduate students. Peer mentors is an important part of sq mentor group, whose working field contains humanism caring, academic tutoring and ideological guiding for students.

    1.Candidates for selected and engaged

Excellent senior undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral students from School of Management and Economics.

2.Qualifications and requirements

Priority will be given to the students with the qualities below:

1.Possess good moral cultivation and a high ideological quality as well as physical and mental health. Have the spirit of teamwork and be able to work as a leader. Have the characteristics of honest, dedicating and decent. With no discipline offence record. And have authority among students.

2.Have a strong sense of working responsibility and good working ability.

3.Study hard and have good academic scores. With no exam failing record. Have a good command of academic knowledge and professional skills.

4.Students with the dean academic scholarship, post graduate recommendation or the postgraduate scholarship are encouraged to apply.

5.For other details, please check Management of Peer Mentors of School of Management and Economic of Beijing Institute of Technology(rider2).

3.Employing process

The employing uses the ‘applying-examine and verify’ system and the specific process is shown as below.

1.Students who meet the criteria may send the applying form(rider1) to their mentors before 28/10/2018.

2.After being selected by the school, the candidates will be interviewed.

3.After the interview, the name list will be announced on the website of the school.

4.Working period and relevant welfare

1.Peer mentors have a working period of one year. After being admitted, mentors will receive a letter of appointment.

2.Peer mentors have the right to guide the students to start activities autonomously, as well as asking for funds from the school.

3.After the working period is over, the school will assess the mentors’ work. The assessment includes the evaluation of students, class teacher and instructor, as well as self-evaluation and exam given by the school. There are three ratings, which are excellent, pass and fail. According to the comprehensive scores of the two semesters, the school will choose ten excellent peer mentors who will be issued certificate and awarded. And they will be the candidates of excellent peer mentors of the institute.

4.Undergraduates are given awarding priority with the same qualification. The work of postgraduates will be concerned one of the exam content of the Enforcement Measures of the Ideological and Political Education of Doctoral Student.

5.Peer mentors will be given proper subsidy.


School of Management and Economic, Beijing Institute of Technology