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Digital Marketing Research Center

Established: April 2019


Research Center Members

  Director: Baolong Ma

  Vice Director: Shuilong Wu

  Members: Shuying Sun、Yuehui Wang、Xiangrong Du、Ruihong Liu、Yan Feng


Objective and Significance

  With the development of Internet, Internet of things and big data application technology, marketing practice has presented the characteristics of digitalization, mobility and customization. Therefore, researches on digital marketing theory as well as its innovation are becoming hot issues concerned by the theorists and practitioners. On the basis of fully grasping the latest development of theories and practices at home and abroad, the establishment of digital marketing research center contributes to confining the research direction of Marketing Department; promoting the development of marketing major in our institution; increasing the cross-integration and innovation of marketing, information management and information system, service management and other related research directions; building a bridge between theoretical research and social practice; and cultivating interdisciplinary and practical talents for the flourishing digital marketing field.


The Research Field

  Digital marketing research center covers both theories and methods of the digital marketing, the marketing analysis approach based on big data, brand digital communication, and etc.


Prospective Aims

  The aims of establishing the digital marketing research center are:

  (1)  To build an interdisciplinary academic communication platform. Faculty in the school of management and economics have separately achieved numerous innovative achievements in marketing, information management and information system, service management, big data and other research fields. The establishment of digital marketing research center will provide an interdisciplinary academic information-exchange platform for teachers from different disciplines and fields.

  (2)  To promote the development of marketing major. The founding of the digital marketing center will help to refine the research direction of the department of marketing, with the goal of training interdisciplinary teachers of high-quality to maximum the advantages of science and engineering background in scientific research and teaching practice.

  (3)  To process the realization of the strategic goal for cultivating "the top-notch innovative talents" in our university. The digital marketing research center, as a scientific research and teaching practice platform, is set up to develop the undergraduate, master's and doctoral students’ with high academic quality and practice ability. Moreover, in an international arena, in order to improve the competition strength and good reputation of our talents, the digital marketing concept should be extended to all of different majors in our school for the realization of the strategic goal on "the top-notch innovative talents".


Contact information

  Name: Baolong Ma

  Tel: 010-68915602