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Center for Mergers & Acquisitions Evaluation Research

Established: 2010


Research team: 

       Executive Director: Yuan Guangshun

Director: Zhu Donghua

Deputy Executive Director: Huang Lu


Research areas:  M&A theory; M&A motivation, process & effect; M&A performance evaluation, M&A integration; Quantitative method-based technology M&A decision support, etc.


Description: Driven by the M&A problems in China’s enterprises, the M&A Evaluation Center provides new insights and solutions supported by theories, concepts, methods, and techniques in broad business disciplines. The main interest of the Center includes the recognition of M&A behavior patterns and laws, the construction of corporate M&A financial databases and key technology databases, the evaluation of M&A values, and the cultivation of M&A research talents. Starting from 2010. the Center produces an annual report on M&A of Chinese listed companies, deeply analyzing M&A transactions, evaluating M&A performance, and empirically investigating M&A cases. Over years, the Center has established a wealth of M&A cases and gained rich practical experience on M&A research. The Center has successfully cultivated 12 doctoral and postgraduate students in management science and engineering, and the Center has undertaken 8 projects, including 3 research projects and 5 industry engagements. Related research has been appealing in related core journals in both China and the globe.


Contact Information:

Contact: Huang Lu

Phone: 86-13401183006