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Institute for Public Policy and Governance, IPPG

Established: 2016


Research team: Yan Yang (Director), Zhenjiao Chen, Jianwei Deng, Xinji   Deng, Jin Hong, Jieping Huang, Ya Li, Gangbo Wang, Xinmin Wen


Research areas: public administration theory, policy analysis method, science & technology policy and evaluation, health management and policy, public service quality management, public organization behavior and human resources, government performance evaluation.



  The IPPG relies on the School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, which pays attention to China's public governance practices, focuses on public policies and policy theories, and provides advice and suggestions for improving the modernization of the country's governance system and governance capacity. The center has gathered a group of young and potential researchers with extreme potential in the related research fields. These scholars focused on the path of the establishment of a scientific research platform and further cooperative with potential research team.


Main achievements:

  In recent years, 11 National Natural Science Foundation projects, 2 National Social Science Foundation Projects, 1 National Soft Science Project, 3 Ford Foundation Projects, 6 Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation Projects, 2 Beijing Natural Science Foundation Proposed Programs and Beijing Social Science Foundation Proposed Programs and a number of other important projects have been undertaken by the IPPG. Also, the IPPG has published 7 academic monographs and more than 80 academic papers in domestic and international academic journals, including over 30 in SSCI/SCI and 50 in CSSCI .


Contact information:

Contact:Yan Yang


Address:Room 115, Main Building, Beijing Institute of Technology