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  In order to promote the optimization of the graduate education structure adjustment, as a whole to promote professional degree education reform and development, to speed up the high-level practical talents cultivation, to create professional degree education high quality brand, relying on the former School of Management and Economics EMBA Education Center, the MBA Education Center, the Graduate Engineering Education Center and the EDP Education Center, with the integrated optimization of EMBA, MBA, Engineering Management, MPAcc, Project Management, and EDP high quality education resources, as well as excellent management mechanism of the Centers, the School of Management and Economics Professional Degree Education Joint Center was established in December 2016. The Joint Center, adhering to the professional degree management idea of "Unified leadership, Overall planning, Innovative service", strengthens the service consciousness and innovative management mode, seizes the professional degree graduate education new opportunities, and promotes the comprehensive and rapid development of the School of Management and Economics professional degree graduate education.