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2009 MPA Admission Guide

Master of Public Administration (referred to as MPA) is a master level of professional education in public administration; the objective is to develop high-level talents, who specialize in conducting of public affairs, public administration and public policy research and analysis.

The qualifications of MPA applicants are as follows: Bachelor’s degree, or being serving as officers in organizations for more than three years. Potential applicants are from government departments and non-governmental public administration, other eligible persons from all walks of life are also welcome to apply.

MPA applicants will be required to attend the national entrance exam, entrance exam once a year, usually in late October, the application time is in July. The entrance exam includes four subjects: english, management, administration, generic knowledge (including language, mathematics, and logic). The matriculation is based on the entrance exam scores and interview. If a candidate were admitted, he could be attend the university next spring. There are tow types of MPA in BIT: MPA-service degree courses and Special MPA(SMPA).

In-service degree courses MPA: a MPA student should learn relevant subjects during working for 2-4 years, receiving Beijing Institute of Technology MPA diploma after his/her graduation.

SMPA: Students get enrolled without exam, and take MPA training courses in advance, and then participate in the national entrance exams. If passed the exam, he will received Beijing Institute of Technology MPA diploma after completing training tasks and passed his/her Thesis Defence.

The training fee for Beijing Institute of Technology MPA candidate is RMB30, 000 (excluding textbooks, materials fees, living expenses, accommodation and so on.)  

Ways to Contact

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Address: MPA Center, School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology, 5 S. Zhongguancun Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081