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Beijing Institute of Technology 2020 Master of Business Administration (MBA) Admissions Guide

Program qualification:

Approved by the Ministry of Education in 1993 as one of the first two batches of 26 schools with the qualification of granting MBA degrees.

In 2011, it passed the AMBA international certification of the British Association of MBAs, and passed the recertification in 2014.

In 2015, it passed the EQUIS international certification of the European Foundation for Management Development, and passed the recertification in 2018.

In 2016, it passed the Chinese Advanced Management Education Accreditation (CAMEA).

Program honors:

 For the seventh consecutive year, it won the honorary title of “China's Most Influential MBA” by “World Manager Weekly”.

 Won the title of “China Top Ten Brand Business School” by

 Won the China Education Network of the Ministry of Education, China Education Online “Business School Outstanding Contribution Award”.

 Won “The Most Popular MBA Programs” in the annual education festival held by Sina Education Channel.

 Won the honorary title of “Top Ten Characteristic Business School” of China MBA Alliance.

  1. Admission information

Application conditions

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China

2. Supporting the leadership of the Communist Party of China and willing to serve the socialist modernization drive with good moral character and law-abiding;

3. The academic qualifications of the candidate must meet one of the following conditions:

(1) Persons with 3 or more years of work experience after graduation from undergraduate degree (before September 1, 2017);

(2) Persons who have obtained a master's or doctoral degree and have 2 or more years of work experience (before September 1, 2018);

(3) Persons with 5 or more years of work experience after graduation from college degree (before September 1, 2015);

See the enrollment information for international students.

See the enrollment information for candidates from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan

Program category


Full time



Fixed class

Elective class


International Class

Class time

Monday to Friday

All week

Saturday and Sunday + weekday evenings

Saturday and Sunday + weekday evenings (teaching in English)

Schooling semester

2 semesters

2 semesters

3 semesters

3 semesters

Expected enrollment (subject to the September Graduate School announcement)









Schooling system

2 years (maximum schooling  of 2.5 years)

2 years (maximum schooling of 4 years)

File policy

To implement in accordance with relevant school policies;

File does not transfer

If a file transferred in, after graduation the student can be dispatched according to the relevant school policies.

Note: It is recommended that candidates specify “full-time” or “part-time” before applying for the exam.According to the policy of the Ministry of Education, it may not be possible to adjust each other.


Those who meet the school policies and national policies enjoy a national stipend of 500 yuan/month for full-time scholarships; new student scholarships are implemented in accordance with school policies and national academic scholarships.

Certificate and degree awards

Those who have completed the required credits within the prescribed period of time, completed the master's thesis and passed the thesis defense, after the school's examination and approval, are awarded the graduate certificate of Beijing University of Technology, and awarded the master's degree of business administration of Beijing Institute of Technology.

  1. How to Apply

Examination process

Online registration:

In the middle and late October of 2019, candidates must register online ( (academic qualification check) and pay the registration fee online.

On-site verification:

In mid-November of 2019, candidates will bring their valid documents and original diplomas for photo collection and on-site verification.

Candidates who have not passed the academic qualifications are required to bring documents such as academic qualification reports.

Print examination ticket: mid-late December 2019

Initial examination time: At the end of December 2019 (the specific time is subject to the regulations of the Ministry of Education)

Initial exam subjects: comprehensive ability (mathematics, logic, writing), English

Initial exam method: unified written exam, participate in the National Master of Business Administration (MBA) Entrance Exam


Re-examination subjects: comprehensive quality interview, political written test, oral English, listening test

Re-examination time: mid-March 2020, the results of the re-examination in late March (the specific time is subject to the notice of the Professional Degree Education Joint Center)

※ Do not accept non-first-intention candidates


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