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Beijing Institute of Technology School of Management and Economics 2020 Engineering Management Professional Degree Admission Guide

Professional code: (125600)

I. Program introduction

Master of Engineering Management, referred to as MEM.

Master of Engineering Management (MEM) is for technical management personnel for aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, electronics, weapons, energy, chemical and other industry group companies; managers in the modern service industry such as finance, insurance, logistics, e-commerce; IT and IT service enterprises project management and technical management personnels; relevant personnels engaged in technical management or information management in government and public service and management sectors.

II. Program qualification

In 2011, Beijing Institute of Technology became one of the first batch of schools to offer a master's degree in engineering management;

In 2017, Beijing Institute of Technology became one of the first batch of “Master of Engineering Management professional degree and IPMP certification cooperation training unit” and was awarded International Project Management (IPMP) talent training base.

III. Admission information

Application conditions:

1. Citizens of the People's Republic of China

2. Supporting the leadership of the Communist Party of China and willing to serve the socialist modernization drive with good moral character and law-abiding;

3. The academic qualifications of the candidate must meet one of the following conditions:

(1) Persons with 3 or more years of work experience after graduation from undergraduate degree (before September 1, 2017);

(2) Persons who have obtained a master's or doctoral degree and have 2 or more years of work experience (before September 1, 2018);

(3) Persons with 5 or more years of work experience after graduation from college degree (before September 1, 2015);

How to apply:

Online registration: mid-to-late October 2019. When the application is overdue, the registration information may not be modified.Candidates must register online ( (academic qualification check), and pay applicatoin fee online;

Application category: targeted employment

On-site verificatoin: In mid-November 2019, candidates will bring their valid documents to our school for on-site verification and photo collection;

Print examination ticket: mid-late December 2019.

Examination process:

Initial exam:

      Initial exam subjects: comprehensive ability (mathematics, logic, writing), English;

Initial exam methods: unified written test, participate in the national management entrance exam;

Initial exam time: at the end of December 2019 (the specific time is subject to the provisions of the Ministry of Education);


      Re-exam policy: independent scribing;

Re-exam subjects: comprehensive quality interview, political written test, oral English, English listening, project management practice written test;

Re-exam time: mid-March 2020, the results of the re-exam in late March.The specific time is subject to the notice of our Professional Degree Education Joint Center.)

  • Do not accept non-first-interntion candidates

V. Training methods

The Master of Engineering Management program of Beijing Institute of Technology is based on the engineering management discipline and combines with the relevant engineering disciplines to set up four areas of training: 1. Energy and environmental engineering management; 2. Project management; 3. Big data and information engineering management; 4. Equipment engineering management. Teaching methods emphasize the use of team learning, case studies, field research, and project training.

Implement a dual tutor system, or set up a steering group based on the student's research direction.

VI. Schooling system

The basic schooling system for postgraduate students in part-time engineering management is 2 years, and the maximum length is no more than 4 years.

VII. Certificate and degree award

Those who have completed the required credits within the prescribed time limit, completed the master's thesis and passed the thesis defense, after the school's review and approval, are awarded the graduate certificate of engineering management from Beijing Institute of Technology, and awarded the master's degree in engineering management from Beijing Institute of Technology.

VIII. Tuition

The tuition fee is 96,000 yuan for two years and 48,000 yuan per year.Students are required to pay tuition fee for the academic year at the time of registration of each academic year.

IX. Other

With a part-time mode, the school does not provide accommodation for students.

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