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2009 EMBA Admission Guide

In 2002, the China State Council's Academic Degrees Committee and the Ministry of Education formally approved the EMBA programs of Beijing Institute of Technology, one of the first 30 universities that have the authorization to confer EMBA degrees.

With the global economic integration and the rising of the new economy, Chinese enterprises are facing increasingly fierce competition, and Chinese entrepreneurs are urgent for the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques of business administration. Concerning the internationalization of China’s economic development and the front edge of enterprise management theory, BIT EMBA program is designed to satisfy the needs of the management of state-owned enterprises, private enterprises and multinational companies.

We cultivate future leaders with high business ethics, global vision, leadership capability and strong sense of innovation. We are dedicated in educating them to master comprehensive management knowledge and techniques and to make outstanding contributions to China's economic development  and throughout the world.

Entry Requirements:
1. The EMBA Program expects to admit mature students with proven intellectual capacity, excellent development potential and leadership those who are motivated to learn and to share their own personal knowledge and experience.
2.A university undergraduate degree or higher from a recognized college which is equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree, at least 8 years work experience (of which there should be 4 or more years management experience) after graduating from college.
3. With a high-level positions in large or medium-sized enterprises which include the large scale state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises, Sino-foreign joint ventures, banking, insurance, securities and other financial institutions. The senior leadership posts includes vice-chairman, deputy general manager, important middle managers and reserved managers.
1. Application and entrance examination time: we receive application all-year-round  for EMBA program and the entrance examination is held on a regular basis of 1-2 times a year.
2. Applicants can directly go to School of Economics and Management in Beijing Institute of Technology for applying, or visit the website of the Beijing Institute of Technology (the home page address:, download the registration form for EMBA students. Applicants have to fill in the registration form and send it back. The School of Management and Economics will make enrollment decisioin about the official applications after the preliminary examination by an expert team of the Beijing Institute of Technology.
3. Candidate is required to complete the registration form truthfully.
4. The fee for registration is 400 yuan.
Academic and learning methods:
1. Education system: EMBA education program implements a system of flexible base which usually lasts for 18-36 months.
2. Learning methods: The learning methods is taking the way to study on the part-time base which put the students together. The classes will be held once a month for each 4-day (Friday to next Monday). Each time will be used to teach one course.
Tuition Fee
The EMBA tuition fee is RMB250,000  which does not include students’ accommodations, transportations, overseas study and some investigation costs. Tuition should be paid at the time when new students come to have the registeration.
Ways to Contact
Tel: 86-10-68949513, 86-10-68944997
Fax: 86-10-68949513
Address: EMBA Center, School of Management and Economics, Beijing Institute of Technology,, 5 S. Zhongguancun Avenue, Haidian District, Beijing, 100081