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2020 Beijing Institute of Technology Executive Management Master of Business Administration (EMBA) Admission Guide

In 2002, with the formal approval of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council and the Ministry of Education, Beijing Institute of Technology once again became one of the first 30 institutions in China to have the right to grant a master's degree in executive business administration (EMBA).
Beijing Institute of Technology EMBA education pays attention to the theoretical frontier of China's economic international development and enterprise management research. In order to meet the requirements of China's private enterprise management modernization and multinational company management localization, it is committed to cultivating local business elites that have the pulse of grasping the international market and the ability of leading first class enterprises.

1. Candidate Students
Executive Master of Business Administration, referred to as EMBA, is a master's level management education for senior executives.
The goal of EMBA education is to cultivate entrepreneurs and senior professional managers with good business ethics, strong ability to develop and innovate, master the modern management knowledge system and the latest international economy and technology developments, and with international business strategy and overall decision-making ability, who are adapted to the needs of international competition.

2. Applicant Requirements
1. Persons who have 3 or more years of work experience after graduating from undergraduate degree (undergraduates who graduated before September 1, 2017);
2. Persons with 5 or more years of work experience after graduating from college (college students who graduated before September 1, 2015);
3. Persons who have obtained a master's or doctoral degree and have 2 or more years of work experience (Masters or PhDs who graduated before September 1, 2018);
4. After implementing the EMBA national unified examination, our school will adhere to the previous selection criteria and recruit business elites from all walks of life with rich management experience.

3. Application process
(1) Online application
Online application starts in the middle and late October of 2019, with application fee paid online.

(2) Application process
Candidates log on to the "China Graduate Admissions Information Network" (public website:, education website:, hereinafter referred to as "research and recruitment network") to read the admisson guide and the announcement of Beijing Institute of Technology.Candidates can modify the online information during the registration period.If the application is overdue, the registration information will not be modified.
Candidates can also log in to the “China Higher Education Student Information Network” (website: to check their academic qualifications (student status) before or during the registration period.Candidates who have not passed the qualifications (student status) verification should go to the accredited institution of the academic qualifications for certification in time, and submit the certification report to the test center for verification at the time of on-site confirmation.
If the applicant failed to take the test, the online information was mis-filled, or filled with false information resulting in failure to take the test or admission, the consequences shall be borne by the candidate himself.
For details of the specific requirements and precautions for online registration, please refer to the “Regulations on the Management of National Postgraduate Admissions in 2020” (already published on the official website of the Ministry of Education and the “Research Admissions Network” application instructions.It is recommended that the majority of candidates take reasonable time to register, avoid the initial peaks and final peaks, and avoid network congestion.
(3) On-site confirmation
1. In mid-November 2019, candidates will be confirmed at the designated location of our school.
2. Candidates submit their ID card, academic certificate and online registration number, which will be checked by the staff at the application site.
Candidates who have not passed the online qualification (student status) verification should provide a qualification (school registration) certification report when confirming on-site.
Candidates should carefully understand and strictly follow the application conditions and relevant policy requirements to fill in the application.At the time of on-site confirmation, you must carefully check and confirm the online registration information. The registration information will not be modified after confirmation by the candidate.Candidates who are unable to take the test, retest or admission due to failure to meet the requirements for registration and related policies, or due to incorrect filling of the information in the online report or filling in false information, shall be borne by the candidate himself.
3. Candidates should cooperate with the collection of relevant electronic information such as their own images according to the rules of the application.

4. Candidates qualification review
The admission unit shall conduct a comprehensive review of the candidate's application information and on-site confirmation materials in accordance with relevant regulations to determine the candidate's examination qualifications.
If the applicant's registration information does not match the application requirements, the examination may not be granted.
For candidates who have not passed the verification of academic qualifications (student status), the admissions unit should require a certification report issued by the authority within the specified time.

5. Examination
(1) Print the admission ticket
In the middle and late December of 2019, candidates can log in to the “Research Admissions Network” to download and print the “Admission Ticket” by using the online user name and password. Both sides of the Admission Ticket shall not be altered during use.Candidates take the test with the "Admission Ticket" and the resident ID card.Candidates must properly keep their personal information, usernames and passwords, and the admission ticket and resident ID card in order to avoid loss caused by leakage.
(2) Initial Examination
1. Initial exam date and time:
At the end of December 2019 (the specific time is subject to the regulations of the Ministry of Education).
2. Initial exam subjects: comprehensive ability (mathematics, logic, writing), English.
(3) Re-examination

1. Beijing Institute of Technology will re-examine all candidates who meet the re-examination requirements to examine the candidate's innovative ability, professionalism and comprehensive quality. Those who failed the re-test will not be admitted.
2. Before the re-examination, Beijing Institute of Technology will conduct a strict examination of the applicant's ID card, academic certificate, academic qualification certificate and other original registration materials and candidates' qualifications. Those who do not meet the requirements will not be re-examined.
If there is any doubt about the candidate's academic qualifications, Beijing Institute of Technology will require the candidate to provide a certification issued by the authority within the specified time.
3. The list of EMBA re-examination personnel is determined according to the MBA professional scores delineated by our school.The re-exam content will be announced separately.All re-exam work will be completed by the end of April 2019.
4. Re-exam location: Beijing Institute of Technology.

6.Schooling system and study features
1. Schooling system
The EMBA degree education schooling is flexible, usually 24 months.
2. Study features
The study features are to study in part time and adopt a centralized teaching method: a centralized class is taken once a month for four days (Thursday to Sunday) to complete one course.
3. Certificate
Students who have completed the credits and the thesis will receive a postgraduate diploma and a master's degree certificate from Beijing Institute of Technology.

7. Tuition
The EMBA tuition fee does not include the student's room and board, transportation and overseas study and visit fees.
Tuition fees are paid in September each year and paid in two years.

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