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2015--2016 the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology SMEs Leading Management Talent Beijing Institute of Technology Enrichment Program Enrollment Guide

  To fully stimulate small and medium enterprises and non-public economic development impetus and promote the development of SMEs in all regions, the Ministry of Industry and Information Personnel Exchange Center and Beijing Institute of Technology jointly organized the "2015--2016 Ministry of Industry and Information SMEs leading management talent Beijing Institute of technology enrichment program "(hereinafter referred to as"the Program"). The program brings together first-class teachers, integrates quality resources, and provides for senior managers of SMEs systematic training courses, cutting-edge management ideas, the latest management information and comprehensive solutions for SME development and innovation. While raising the competency level of SMEs leading management talents, the program aims to boost SMEs core competitiveness and achieving healthy and rapid development.

Contact:Teacher Li: 010-68914171      Teacher Ten: 010-68918810